The ability to touch, feel, and manipulate mediums can enrich our creativity in ways that no digital interaction can. Through old media, such as VHS tapes and slide films, we can explore a sensory realm often lost in the pixels of our screens.

Understanding Old Media

Old media, or traditional media, are the pre-internet communication tools that have defined much of the twentieth century. This includes television, radio, print newspapers, books, and, yes, VHS tapes, and slide films. These tactile media forms encourage a different kind of engagement, a sensory journey that digital counterparts struggle to replicate. Imagine the satisfying clunk and whirl of a VHS tape slotting into its player or the mesmerizing movement of slide films casting stories onto blank walls. These sensory experiences are unique and immersive, unconfined by the flatland of screens.

Unlocking Imagination with Traditional Art

Traditional art, another bastion of old media, offers a profound way to stir the imaginative soul. Exploring different mediums and techniques, like painting with oil or watercolors, sculpting with clay, or sketching with charcoal, opens new vistas of self-expression. This hands-on creation is not just about making an object or an image; it’s about the journey, the learning, and the personal connection you establish with your work.

Crafting with Traditional Materials

The physicality of crafting with traditional materials also presents a realm of possibilities. Think of DIY projects repurposing VHS tapes into inventive art pieces or slide films transformed into beautiful light filters or hanging mobiles. These projects encourage mindfulness, that’s often lacking in our fast-paced digital world. The tactile engagement, the texture, the weight of the materials, and the motion of your hands, all contribute to a creative process that’s as rewarding as it is therapeutic.

Integrating Old Media in the Digital World

Yet, valuing old media doesn’t imply renouncing digital advancements. Instead, a creative fusion of these two worlds can lead to an explosion of new ideas. The digitization of VHS tapes can breathe new life into forgotten memories, their grainy visuals adding a sense of nostalgia to digital film projects. Slide films, once scanned, can be weaved into digital art or photography projects, creating a juxtaposition of old and new, traditional and modern.


Embracing old media is an enriching journey that allows us to experience art and communication in its most visceral form. Whether it’s the tactile satisfaction of loading a VHS tape, the whimsical charm of slide films, the hands-on joy of traditional art, or the meditative practice of crafting, old media offers an antidote to the digital overload of modern life. It’s a journey back in time that fuels the creativity of the present and shapes the future. It’s an invitation to slow down, engage with our senses, and create in profoundly human ways.