If you’re an arts and crafts enthusiast, then you might know about resin. This amazing product can do so much. However, it can be hard to use, especially if you’re a beginner craftsperson.

Luckily, our guide is here to teach you about unique resin molds and more! So keep reading if you want to be the best at arts and crafts.

What Is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a liquid that can harden into any shape once it’s mixed with a hardener. This two-part solution works by producing heat which then causes the particles to join together.

To get the best resin, your ratio of resin to hardener should be around 1:1. Epoxy resin is very popular because of how versatile and flexible it is.

For example, you can make a resin mold tray very easily. And once you add the hardener, your final product will be virtually impossible to break.

How To Get Unique Resin Molds

You can get a resin mold kit for very cheap on most websites. However, if you want to buy a unique resin mold tray, you’ll have to search a little more. That’s because resin mold making is very hard to execute correctly.

You have to get the right products for mold making so that the resin does not break down the mold! So when looking for custom resin molds, it’s best to only shop at professional crafts stores– online or in-person! 

Here are some unique resin mold ideas:

  • Hearts 
  • Stars
  • Animals
  • Letters 
  • Ovals

These are only some of the cool molds you can find. If you have a specific mold idea in mind, don’t be afraid to reach out to a company and ask them if they can do customizable molds!

How To Use Resin Molds 

First and foremost, open a window or wear a face covering when working with resin! Although resin is safe to use, it can still be very harmful when ingested!

Now you can begin using your resin mold ideas! First, you’ll want to make sure you place a releasing agent inside of your mold. This way, it’ll be easier to release your resin without breaking or tearing. 

If you’re using silicone molds for resin, we still encourage you to use a releasing agent. Trust us, it can still be very hard to pull out your mold even with silicon!

You’ll want to leave the releasing agent in your mold for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once it sets, you can begin using the epoxy resin. So remember to carefully do a 1:1 ratio of hardener to resin! 

Place your resin in the mold right after mixing! Make sure you don’t wait too long or your resin will harden before it can set in the mold. After this, you can begin curing your resin. Curing usually takes about 12 to 72 hours to finalize. After this time, you should have a unique shape that can be used for arts and crafts.

Unique Resin Molds Made Just for You 

Unique resin molds can take your arts and crafts projects to the next level! So don’t settle for basic design and get the best molds for your money.

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