It is recommended to read the entire article prior to going to Union Assembly Detroit. Union Assembly Detroit in the event that this article has all the specifications and information regarding this restaurant.

Are you aware of the restaurant opening that’s coming up in Detroit? If you don’t, this article will give details about Union Assembly Detroit, a new restaurant opening inside the United States. We received numerous inquiries and queries about the restaurant due to recent discussions. We recommend reading this article without skipping a single detail to find out when this elegant restaurant will open to allow you to visit and take in the stunning views, eat your food and understand its requirements.

What is Union Assembly?

Union Assembly is a restaurant that was just inaugurated this month. The restaurant is situated in the city in Detroit which is situated across Woodward. The restaurant will have two floors in which you can indulge in your favorite dishes and enjoy the stunning scenery.

What is the name of the person who owns the Union Assembly Detroit?

We did some searching regarding this restaurant on internet. However, we couldn’t find specific information about the owner However, we found certain details about the co-owner. Ann Stevenson has designed this space. He is the one the one behind this venture. He also created the private dining hall inside the union assembly. Look over the heading below to learn about the chefs who are hired by the Union Assembly.

The recruitment of chefs is part of the Union Assembly

It has been reported the chef Mara Jaffe, a district chief, is being sought from The Union assembly. Also, the Union Assembly Detroit has also asked Chef de Cuisine Philip Vernier to return to their restaurant, to provide services, and to lead in the direction of Union Joints. Chefs are selected from the Union assembly, based on their experience and professional qualifications in this area.

What time is this restaurant operating?

The following are the timing of opening and closing of the Union meeting throughout the week:

  • Monday – Closed
  • Tuesday – Closed
  • Wednesday- 4 -10 pm
  • Thursday – 4 -10 pm
  • Friday – 4 – 11 pm
  • Saturday – 4 – 11 pm
  • Sunday 3-9 midnight.

You are able to go to The Union Assembly Detroitduring the times listed above.

Comments about this establishment

If you are planning to go to the restaurant, you should be seeking out reviews about it to get a better understanding of the union assembly and its offerings. But don’t worry about it we’ve done the job for you. While we were searching for reviews, we came across numerous reviews online by clients. They are mostly written from happy and satisfied customers. Numerous reviews highlight the excellent flavor of the food and also the reputation of the restaurant.


We’d like to share this information with you because we’ve given you all the information we gathered upon our study. In the event of Union Assembly Detroit ,we can say that you should go to at this establishmentand be sure to share your experiences with us.