Mostly related to the indoors, furniture is one set of things that are extensively used in the outdoor areas. Hardwood garden benches or wooden benches are an example of furniture that is used outdoors in parks and gardens. These furniture items do not only differ in terms of the area they are located in but also on many other aspects that are taken into consideration to make sure that the piece of furniture serves its motive of being positioned indoors or outdoors. So, what are the differences apart from the positioning that makes these two a completely different product, here are a few differences to know about:

1)Material Difference:

If you would have keenly noticed a wooden bench that is kept outside on the roadside, at bus stops or in a park and the ones kept inside your house, you would have noticed the difference in the kind of materials that are used in creating both these two pieces of furniture. The indoor furniture is made from materials that are generally that are much softer, woods which are good looking with their surface texture. These woods are then treated with oils and varnishes to make them look beautiful and shiny.

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The purpose of varnishing and oiling is also to make sure that the furniture is more dustproof, spill-proof and scratch-resistant. On the other hand, the outdoor furniture is made out of rigid materials. Materials like teak are used to make wooden garden benches. This is because materials like teak are more resistant to the harsh natural forces that may act against the structural strength of the timber. These materials have natural oils infused on them which keep them safe in harsh weather conditions.

2)Easy to Maintain:

As we all are aware that every kind of furniture requires some or other type of maintenance but this maintenance requirement becomes more often in case of indoor as compared to outdoor furniture. The outdoor furniture is a less expensive deal when it comes to maintaining the furniture over a period of time. The outdoor furniture requires minimal or no oiling and does not require the artificial lacquer or varnish coating to keep them safe from termites and other wood-eating insects which can cause serious damages to the furniture. On the other hand, indoor furniture requires frequent maintenance, as the layer of polish or varnish tends to lose its shine over time and depreciate.

3)Usability Difference:

The usability or versatility is more with that of outdoor wooden furniture than that of the indoor wooden furniture. This is because the furniture that is used outdoors is strong enough to face nature’s forces, so keeping it inside the house will be an easy task for the furniture to handle. In the case of indoor furniture, it has minimal resilience towards the water. In case of a heavy downpour the indoor furniture if exposed to it, will be softer and will then be more probable towards damage. Also, since the indoor furniture is mostly made from soft materials, the dust will scratch the surface varnish and eventually lead to the damage to the internal softwood.

So, these were a few differences between indoor and outdoor furniture that you must know about before going out to shop. Though the purpose of both kinds is almost the same, the conditions in which the purpose is solved is very different. The outdoor furniture is subjected to rains, snow and the hot sun, while the indoor furniture is constantly under the shadow of the roof. So, make sure you choose the best furniture options like garden benches for sale available online as per your requirement.