Children and adults who feel tired should visit a general physician in Lahore. It is compulsory to understand the root cause of the illness to avoid further mental and physical health-related complications. The specialist will conduct the relevant tests to diagnose the problem and provide information regarding the effective treatment plan. Also, the physician will make the person understand the need for lifestyle modification to enhance their life and productivity.

What is Physical Weakness?

The individual cannot complete tasks due to difficulty in moving. Muscle weakness causes the individual to struggle while engaging in physical activities, such as swimming, running, and walking. Engaging in physical exertion causes the person to suffer from exhaustion and discomfort. The natural degeneration of muscles due to age can cause a person to become weak.

What is Mental Weakness?

The decrease in neural activities can cause mental exhaustion. It affects the ability of the individual to think and make a decision. The decrease in cognitive activities, such as learning and judging, is known as mental weakness. A traumatic event or brain tumor can lead to mental weakness. Damage to the CNS, neuro muscles and peripheral muscles can affect cognitive functioning.

What causes an individual to suffer from weakness?

The common causes of physical and mental weakness are:

  • The viral flu and cold can cause lethargy, but timely treatment can help the person get better in days.
  • Individuals suffering from thyroid disease remain lethargic and weak due to hormonal imbalances in the body.
  • Anemic patients cannot actively complete their tasks due to weakness. Thus, individuals exhibiting signs of anemia must improve their duet and follow the medical treatment to avoid weakness.
  • Individuals suffering from mental health problems such as depression are more likely to suffer from exhaustion.
  • Diabetic patients must make relevant lifestyle modifications to avoid weakness. Mismanaged and uncontrolled diabetes can contribute to physical weakness.
  • Vitamin overdoes and affects physical and mental function.
  • Heart-related diseases and muscle diseases can affect the functioning of vital organs. The patients must monitor the changes as they can cause weakness and further complications.

What tests help diagnose an individual with physical and mental weakness?

The tests that assist in diagnosing an individual with a disease that may have led to physical and mental weakness are:

  • The specialist will conduct a physical examination to evaluate the changes in muscle movement.
  • Blood testing helps check the individual with hormonal imbalances that may have led to physical problems, including weakness.
  • The imaging tests such as CT scan, MRIs, X-rays, and ultrasound helps detect damage to a specific area of the body.
  • The urine analysis help detect infection in the body that may have led to lethargy and inactiveness.

What are the effective treatment Options to manage the symptoms of Weakness?

The treatment options that can help the individual feel fit and active include:

  • The antibiotics help reduce the symptoms of infection and inflammation that may have caused weakness and related complications.
  • The specialist will provide guidance regarding medications and procedures after detecting the exact cause of the problem. It is necessary to diagnose and treat the underlying condition to notice a visible change in physical and mental health.

What preventative measures help reduce the risk of suffering from weakness and correlating Problems?

The preventative measures that can help reduce the risk of suffering from mental and physical weakness include:

  • Individuals must maintain healthy body weight to prevent heart and endocrine diseases that can affect the function of vital organs and lead to weakness.
  • Individuals must maintain a balance between personal and professional life to reduce the stress that can affect cognitive function.
  • People must avoid smoking and consuming alcohol as it can cause damage to their mental and physical health. It can affect functioning and aggravate the symptoms.
  • People must exercise and consume organic food to enhance their health by staying active.

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