We often look forward to summer with unique plans on how best to enjoy ourselves. The holidays, beaches, fruits, sunlight, and the altogether lively environment after a harsh winter are ones that we cannot get enough of. Unfortunately, wasps also enjoy expressing themselves after hibernating during the winter. By late summer, a wasp nest can contain up to 5,000 individual wasps, which can be 30 cm or greater in diameter. They form a basis for Pest control in London, with a lot of affected businesses seeking an effective wasp removal pest control Service.

Wasps pose a lot of challenges to pubs, restaurants, bakeries, and food manufacturers, especially during the summer. They take advantage of the need to open doors and windows for proper ventilation. In search of food, the workers of the wasp colony hunt for food and sweet substances, becoming a perpetual source of nuisance to business owners and customers alike. The incessant buzzing of wasps alone can cause apprehension to spread quickly. They signify even more harm, which we will explore alongside the best method of wasp control.

Why Do Wasps Especially Congregate in Food Related Business and Create the Need for Wasp Removal?

It is only natural that the continuous presence of food would cause pests to lurk around. Due to this obvious reason, managing a restaurant or food manufacturing business can become challenging with regard to pursuing rigid health and safety measures. To ensure maximum health and safety in public food establishments, food legislation and pest control are ever-tightening. Major actors of Pest control in London have identified wasps as a major cause for concern. This article may help you understand more.

Around London, the most common species of wasps are the Yellowjacket wasps. At the beginning of nesting season, yellow jackets are more interested in protein sources and will track down insects, leaving carbohydrates and sugary foods alone. As we approach late summer and early fall, yellow jackets search for food from alternative sources, especially sugary ones. As social insects, this scavenge hunt will lead them right to bakeries, restaurants, food manufacturing industries, pubs, and bars. Without a commercial pest control contract in place to achieve wasp control, the situation can easily turn dire.

Problems That Wasp removal Pest Control Can Protect Your Food Business From 

Whilst we called attention to the effect of wasps humming in your business, there is a lot more damage than they can cause. In continuation, that wasps are not disease carriers doesn’t mitigate their designation as a health and safety risk. The following are the likely effects of wasp infestation in your business:

  • Low Customer Rating: With most businesses online these days, customers can leave a review of your restaurant, bakery, or bar for other potential customers to read. If a customer’s experience is marred by having to swat away wasps, it most likely won’t be a positive one.
  • Reduced Foot Traffic: This is an aftereffect of the first point. As soon as word spreads about wasps in your establishment, most people would try to avoid a nasty sting and head somewhere else.
  • License Violations: An impromptu inspection visit from any Food Safety Regulatory body that reveals a health and safety hazard such as wasps can result in license suspension. This would invariably affect your food manufacturing business or food service business and result in financial losses.
  • Stings And Lawsuits: This is the most dreaded situation as it can turn life-threatening if the victim has an undetected allergy to wasps. It would necessitate immediate medical intervention and, alongside that, lawsuits with a strong foothold on negligence.

To steer clear of these disastrous situations, we recommend that you have a Wasp control pest control contract to handle wasp control and wasp removal. To further assist you, we have identified several types of equipment that apply to wasp removal in London. They will help you prevent wasp infestation in your business.

Strategic Equipment Effective at Pest Control in London

There are several tools you could install around your food manufacturing factory, restaurants, bakeries, and bars that are effective in preventing wasp infestation. Their mode of operation is explained in the following bullets:

  • Electric Fly Killers: In any environment where food is handled in large quantities, an electric fly killer (often simply called a fly zapper or insect trap) is a vital device in wasp control. This insect control equipment has two primary elements which are the bright ultra-violet tube bulbs, and a metal grid that is electrified. Wasps are naturally attracted to the radiant ultraviolet glow. As such, the light attracts the wasps to land on the electrified grid which kills them immediately.

Similarly, glue boards are occasionally referred to as fly traps or glue baits. Functioning in a related manner to the zapper, the glue board employs radiant ultra-violet light to draw in wasps. The wasps then become stuck on the replaceable gummy boards.

  • Wasp Pots: The wasp pot is another effective method of wasp control and removal. The wasp pot is formulated to entice and catch wasps once it is filled with suitable wasp bait. A cheap method of wasp control, it is applicable for usage in food warehouses, food processing spaces, terraces, and BBQ areas. It is also effective in beer gardens and caravan locations. It has a narrow opening that hinders wasps from exiting once they enter.
  • Fly Screens: The fly screen is essentially a fine insect screen that is very useful in ensuring that flies, bees, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes, and any other insects stay out of a designated area. It also maintains impressive airflow and a minimal decrease in daylight.
  • Fake Wasp Nest: Because wasps are territorial, a decoy wasp nest in your business area can discourage wasps that may want to build a nest. They would recognise that a different wasp colony is present and already established. It would compel them to go elsewhere.

Proper use of these devices is part of an effective strategy targeting wasp control. There are other sophisticated equipment that aids Wasp removal in London but are reserved for professional use. Wasp nest removal is in most circumstances a harder task, as prevention will always be better than having to find a solution. There are safety precautions that you can observe because you never can be too safe with wasp control.

Safety Practices That Are Recommended in Wasp and Commercial Pest Control Measures 

Just as agreed, you can never be too safe in protecting your business from wasps considering the level of devastation that could accompany them in case of an infestation. In most cases of emergency wasp removal, they revealed that there was a complete lack of implementation of any safety measures against wasps. Some of them include:

  • Sealing Any Entry Points: There’s a chance of wasps entering your property through any tiny gaps. Always scan window frames, door edges, siding rims, and where electricity lines penetrate the building. It is advisable to close up any access to your property early on in spring, long before wasp nests resume activity.
  • Close Your Dustbins Properly: Bins that are not properly sealed are an open invitation to wasps. In their search for sugary foods, they would visit your dustbins. You have to tie up plastic trash bags and cover the bins properly.
  • Maintain Excellent Hygiene: Ensure proper waste management in kitchens and workspaces that are heavily in contact with food. Make certain that wastes, spillages, and floor sweepings are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • Regular Cleaning Of Tanks And Silos: For food manufacturers, tanks and silos are to be cleaned regularly after fumigation that must also be carried out at regular intervals.

Despite these measures, the most substantial protection you could provide for your business remains a commercial pest control contract. These are trained and licensed professionals that are adept at the best practices in wasp control and wasp nest removal. They have in their possession enough experience to safeguard your business against marauding wasps.

The Iron Clad Security That Wasp Removal Service Near You Would Provide Your Business 

Commercial pest control in London is easier with the availability of different pest control companies. They provide your business with standard safety practices after a thorough inspection of the property. This, in particular, is critical because there are various enabling factors you would not ordinarily notice.

Again, with emergency wasp removal, a professional wasp removal service has the best tools and is well aware of the shifting laws surrounding the use of any chemicals for safe wasp termination. Wasp control companies are also skilled in installing preventive equipment and providing reliable advisory services. So, go on and engage a commercial pest control company and secure your business against wasps.