In terms of free remote desktop software, UltraViewer is ranked as one of the top. Multi-computer control is possible with UltraViewer, which incorporates safe and secure access and control features.

  1. About UltraViewer

TeamViewer is generally the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to remote connections. There are certain drawbacks to using TeamViewer for free, such as a restriction on the number of connections and the amount of time you may be connected for.

If you require remote access to your computer but don’t qualify for the commercial version of Teamviewer, there is another solution available to you that is free of charge. An alternative to TeamViewer is UltraViewer, which is a superb tool for controlling remote PC software.

UltraViewer, a free remote desktop software, allows users to effortlessly connect one or more other computers to their own PCs, enabling them to view and share files on distant machines with high speed, maximum support, and extremely fast.

  1. What makes UltraViewer the greatest free remote desktop software?

The most comprehensive free software

UltraViewer has always been free and open to everyone, with no limitations on who can use it. In contrast to TeamViewer, which only allows free use for individual users, non-commercial use, UltraViewer has issued a comprehensive and flawless free policy.

Before deciding to utilize the copyright, UltraViewer urges people from all over the world to try out all of UltraViewer’s fundamental features. Therefore, small and medium-sized organizations, start-ups, and freelancers may use this free service to connect and operate their computers for customer support needs.

They won’t have to be concerned about unannounced disconnects or costs getting in the way of their productivity.

Fast and stable connection speed

UltraViewer’s rapid, practically instantaneous connection truly impresses for free remote desktop software. Connecting to a distant computer is as simple as entering the remote machine’s ID and password into the remote pc software.

Additionally, UltraViewer’s high level of stability sets it apart from competitive services. With UltraViewer, you can work remotely or provide customer support for long periods of time without experiencing any connection loss or stability issues.

An unlimited number of connected computers

The UltraViewer was designed with the objective of controlling and supporting numerous computers simultaneously. UltraViewer enables you to connect and support numerous computers at the same time, rather than only accessing and managing them one at a time. As a consequence, not only do you help more people, but you also save a lot of money, time, and effort, and your work is more efficient.

UltraViewer is currently one of the few free remote desktop software that enables you to customize the length of the connection and the number of computers that you may connect to simultaneously.

  1. Some outstanding features of UltraViewer software

Due to the fact that it is fully free software, UltraViewer is now far more popular than TeamViewer. UltraViewer, in particular, has numerous excellent features comparable to those found in TeamViewer:

– It’s easy to get started with UltraViewer because of its straightforward, user-friendly interface.

– A 1.5Mb installation file that may be downloaded fast and easily.

– Compatibility with all Windows versions.

The chat window allows for quick data transfer and smooth functioning with minimal congestion.

– Ensure that all information and data on the computer is extremely safe.

– Protections the user by enabling them to view and retake control of the software whenever they feel the need to do so.

– Using the F1 key, you may quickly dismiss or reopen the chat window, which is a convenient function for those who need to digest information quickly.

For the year 2022, UltraViewer stands out as one of the greatest free remote desktop software options on the market. Downloading the remote control and the file transfer software on Windows computers in a flash.