The article on discusses Rustam Radzhabov, a Ukrainian CTO, software architect, and Go-developer with over 15 years of experience in various industries. Rustam has helped companies solve complex technical issues in online cinema, fintech, and startup development.

At Megogo, Rustam played a pivotal role in creating the company’s API, which facilitated the development of mobile and Smart TV applications. He also oversaw the development of the central program, which resulted in the successful launch of approximately 50 projects.

Rustam was also part of the founding team at, where he focused on developing a secure platform to prevent fraudulent activities. His team used machine learning to build an anti-fraud system, which successfully prevented seven hacking attempts on the payment system.

As a co-owner of Eventswallet, Rustam and his team launched an online platform for events just before the pandemic hit. Their conference system became highly sought-after, enabling businesses to hold successful events in a time of restrictions.

Rustam’s technical expertise extends beyond Eventswallet. He conducted an audit for a large bank experiencing stability issues, resulting in the identification of the problem, recommendations for improvements, and detailed suggestions for changes in the team and code, resulting in a more sustainable system. He also helped Hicell, a mobile phone messaging service provider, to increase their throughput per second significantly.

Overall, Rustam’s extensive experience and problem-solving skills have been invaluable to the companies he has worked with, resulting in significant cost savings.