Charities are interested in donations because they are received on a number of occasions. Here the experts give their advice. The war in Ukraine donation caused massive support around the world. Some people give up their homes to become refugees. Some arrange to ship to Ukraine or neighboring countries.

But charities say giving money is the best way to help people who are suffering. Dan Walden, the UNICEF exante are emergency specialist, who says sending money, not things, is the most effective and efficient way to get emergency help.

We understand that people are tempted to give gifts that make them look like them: they steal their cabinets to get what they think is useful, he said. But time is very important in Ukraine and we can transfer money from our bank to a local bank in Ukraine in a short time.

The United States Congress has approved $ 16 million in emergency aid to Ukraine – e.g.

The return of money from trusted believers, whether outsiders or those working on the ground in Ukraine, is not empty, he says, unwilling to be trusted and to have power and influence. It takes months for things to move between countries and products can be complex, time-consuming, and costly: usually much more than needed.

Judith Escribano, liaison director of the Action Against Hunger, is a member of the Disaster Emergency Committee, which raised$150 million for a Ukrainian humanitarian aid program. We understand why people like to give something in emergencies, but we can’t send food, clothing, bedding or medical supplies from the UK even if they are in excellent condition.

We do not have the power to organize and distribute things here. It is often easier to buy things in countries where there is no need. They are mostly cheap and help countries get back on their feet, taking advantage of local markets and economies.

Escribano focuses on the carbon footprint of 1,500 miles of items that can be purchased at a store in Poland, Moldova or Romania. But more important, he says, is the issue of power. “It’s a powerful way to support people. It lets people know that we believe in them. When people do not, it gives them freedom and strength.”

Not only is the situation progressing rapidly, but experts say the effects are lasting and providers need to support them. Charities are trained in long-term fundraising, say so that financial aid can help and assist in rebuilding the family.

But Mark Greer, director of the charity department, believes more people can give. If people want to donate items and other items, it is important that they contact the international aid agencies such as the Red Cross or Child Protection, first to see how they can help.

But, he says, if exante charity in the UK provides food or medical care, in addition to paying shipping costs to neighboring countries, there are other benefits they lose. “UK organizations can receive donations on donations, which means they receive up to 25% more in cash. For example, the 50 50 tax rate in the UK is 62.50 percent for a charity because they can pay taxes, “he said.

Employees can also use the “pay as pay” method to deduct taxes from your salary, such as a payroll system. You have seen a lot of charity work for Ukrainian refugees because you support the crisis.

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