This article provided information Ukraine soldiers on the Mysterious Container of Soldiers about a vehicle the Ukrainian army has recently was able to capture in the capital.

Are you interested in knowing the specifics of the recent global crisis? Are you looking to get details about the current circumstances? Do you feel for the soldiers fighting every day to protect their nation’s security? If so, then go through this article to find the essential information.

This article provides details about an incident that took place in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Many people from different nations which includes those from the United States, would like to know the facts of this particular incident. So, read on to find out more about Ukraine Secret Soldiers Container.

The Mysterious Content?

Ukraine The Weapons Tracker is a group that publishes information on the weapons they seized or destroyed during the latest conflict. On March 22, 2022 they posted on Twitter about the capture of a suspicious container in the capital city of Kyiv.

It is believed that the Ukrainian army suspects that this container to be part of Krasukha-4 the electronic warfare technology that belongs to Russia. The container was found to was laying on its side with the door missing.

The vehicle was also covered in branches on the roof, as if to hide it from Ukrainian surveillance.

What did Ukraine Army Soldiers Locate the Mysterious container ?

The specifics regarding the capturing of the container Ukrainian military is in the dark. Furthermore, the military isn’t sure where the vehicle came to the first place and in what location. Because it was empty at the time of being it was captured, the soldiers covered it in twigs and put it in a safe place before departing.

How do I define Krasukha 4?

Krasukha-4 is an electronic warfare (EW) system which blocks the signals of radars that are borne by air. The original creator of EW systems was Britain who utilized it for the first time during World War II. Prior to the announcement about Ukraine soldiers find a mysterious container This system was in use in Belarus.

The goal of Russia through Krasukha-4 is protecting its arsenal of weapons and troops from access by Ukrainian forces. Their EW system blocks radars, satellites, as well as missiles that Ukraine intelligence could employ to obtain crucial information.

Krasukha-4 comprises two components installed on two vehicles belonging to KAMAZ-6350. One of them is equipped with the electronic warfare device, and the other one is the command post that controls the system. This technology blocks all signals from the air, stopping Ukraine to track Russia’s tanks, missiles or any other movement.

Is The Ukraine Secret Soldiers Container belongs in Russia?

The answer to this question is not yet known. The Western intelligence officials would have to look at the container to determine whether or not it’s element of Krasukha-4. If they determine that this container is part of an electronic warfare strategy used by the Russian electronic warfare strategy that would mark an important moment in the conflict. The authorities could obtain important information about Russia’s plan of actions.


Russia previously used Krasukha-4 within Syria. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities are suspicious that the container’s mysterious nature is Russia’s way to use digital war. But, the Western agencies must examine the vehicle they have seized prior to making any announcement.

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