Have you been aware of most recent information that is trending on the internet concerning the war between Russia and Ukraine? Are you interested in knowing more the motive of this war and the reasons Russia is taking on an offensive? These war scenes affect the nations like Australia, Canada,the United Kingdom,the United States and many others.

In this article, you’ll be informed details about Ukraine invasion Wiki 2022 as well as some key facts regarding the conflict between these two countries.

What is the reason Russia using force against Ukraine?

Over the past couple of months, there has been tensions in the region between Russia and Ukraine because Russia is seeking to take over the Ukrainian region of Donetsk as well as Luhansk. Prior to the attack, Russia sent their troops to the frontier of Ukraine and claimed it was a peace operation.

But, things turned downhill on the 24th of February 2022, as Russia dropped its missiles on Ukraine and established a military base near the border. Continue reading until the end to learn what you can about invasion of Ukraine Wiki 2022.

About the Ukraine-Russian Invasion

On the 24th of February, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine In return, Ukraine had to fight to repel with Russian intruders from three different sides. In the end, Moscow launched one of the largest assaults on Ukraine following World War 2.

People in Ukraine must flee their homes in order to save their lives, since there are reports of gunfire and explosions all day long. There have been blasts that are loud in Kyiv and many other places have been affected by this conflict in the world.

Timingline from the Ukraine Invasion Wiki 2022

If you are interested in knowing more about the war and invasion that followed, take a study the timeline and look at the events that led to war between the two nations.

  • On the 24th of February the Vladimir Putin, the President Vladimir Putin of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the special military operation in the eastern part of Ukraine called Peace Operation.
  • Then, just a few minutes later the peace initiative was transformed into a military action by launching missiles against a variety of towns in Ukraine including Kyiv, the capital city. Kyiv.
  • At around 15 minutes later, Russians captured the Antonov airport However, Ukraine took it back after which it destroyed Russian forces on the ground.
  • As per The Ukraine Wikipedia Invasion 2022 At 17:15, Russian captured the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.
  • On February 25 on the 25th of February, the Ukrainian president announced the complete mobilisation of Ukrainian army for 90 days.

Ukraine-Russia War damage

In every conflict, lives have been taken away, and the same situation is happening in this war. According to news reports and other sources the report, thousands of innocent life have been destroyed and millions of property are destroyed by both sides.

Russians are trying to control the Ukrainian Forces of the military however let’s see if they can succeed or not.

It’s wrapped up

Based on the information above regarding and the Ukraine invasion wiki 2022 We can conclude that Ukrainewar between the Ukraine and Russian conflict has a negative impact on both countries and must be stopped, as the people of Ukraine remain in terror and are forced to flee the country.

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