Have you heard about the ongoing tensions among Ukraine with Russia? All over the world is receiving information on the latest developments in the ongoing crisis. Videos of attack are gaining popularity across countries like the United StatesCanada and other countries.

This article will provide information on Ukraine as it relates to Current Events, and you’ll be informed about the circumstances mentioned. But, if you are unsure of the reason these problems are happening this article can help you. Please don’t leave the site and keep reading it until the very end.

What was the story in the past between Russia as well as Ukraine?

This year, Russia has taken over the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and today Russia is not keen on Ukraine as well as others Soviet nations to be part of NATO. If they do join NATO it will make them more powerful, receive assistance from other nations and will fight to get Crimean back. This is why the Russian president has demanded that they wouldn’t join NATO and turn into an independent nation.

Ukraine in Recent Events

Just a few days ago soldiers returned from the borders between Russia and Ukraine It appeared that the war had been ended but everyone was not right. Russia has targeted Ukrainian infrastructure and its borders. Volodymyr Zelenskyy who is the Ukraine Presidency, stated the following: Russia attacks the military infrastructure as well as explosions have been heard in Kyiv.

The chaos is continuing the chaos is not over. Russia has targeted a number of towns with rockets. A number of troops invaded areas along the South Coast of the Country. According to AFP reports fifty Russian soldiers along with one helicopter, as well as five planes were killed. The Ukrainian Government has confirmed that approximately one hundred thirty-seven people died during the fighting.

According to Ukraine in the current Events, Russia is receiving criticism from Western countries for their actions in Ukraine. We will also discuss the comparison of the army between the two countries.

Military Comparison

When it comes to military and missile technology, Russia is the world’s top leader. It is among the nations with the greatest power and is strong. We will compare the forces of military in Russia with those of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine has 2 lakh army soldiers, whereas Russia boasts 8.50 lakh soldiers.
  • Ukraine has 50,000 troops, while Russia includes 2.50 thousands of paramilitary units.
  • Ukraine has 2596 tanks, while Russia is home to 12,420 tankers.
  • Ukraine has 318 aircrafts, and Russia is home to 4173 planes.
  • As per Ukraine in current Events, Ukraine has one warship whereas Russia is home to eleven warships.
  • Ukraine owns one hundred 12 normal helicopters in addition, Russia has 1,543 helicopters that are normal.
  • Ukraine has 38 submarines, whereas Russia owns six hundred and five submarines.

This indicates this that Russia stands in an good position, but Ukraine remains lagging behind in many aspects. Russia is stronger than Ukraine and the conflict will be extremely challenging for both countries, particularly Ukraine. There are many countries that support Ukraine. United States, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, Luxembourg, Iceland as well as many other countries are all in support of Ukraine. In contrast, Cuba, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus are all in support of Russia.


In light of Ukraine In Current Events Based on Ukraine in Current Events, we have inform you of the current state of affairs that exists between Russia as well as Ukraine. We also provide information on the strengths of the countries. Russia is stronger however Ukraine is a strong partner for many countries.

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