Gone are the days when we used badges only in summer camps and scouting. 

Moreover, you have surely seen them on the army officer’s uniforms as well. 

Now, you can customize them according to your requirement and use them for various purposes. These tiny accessories are a great way to showcase your interest and personality. Moreover, it leaves a lasting impression on others too. So, whether you are planning to give someone a memorable gift or want to stand in support of something, custom badges are an excellent option for it. 

In this article, we will be going to discuss the uses of custom badges and how you can compose them on your own. So keep reading and start crafting. 

What Are The Applications Of Custom Badges?

Sometimes we underestimate the impact of small things.

But let us clear you; they can create a massive impact. You just need to be creative with them, and you can do wonders. Custom badges are a versatile option that can be used in limitless ways. If you think the other way, you must read about their applications below. We have no doubt that you will be amazed after exploring these applications.

Celebrations & Events:

Do you want an alternative to birthday cards?


Are you in search of a gift idea for distributing as a thank-you gesture for the arrived guest at an event? 

Then, custom badges are there to save your day. And we are sure the people would love this innovative way. All you need is to customize them according to your event’s theme and add personalized text to them. And you are good to go. We bet it will create an impression on others and save you money.  

Corporate Uses:

There is no reason to get shocked after hearing about the use of these emblems in the corporate world. 

They can be used instead of pamphlets and flyers. If you doubt that, you can try this marketing technique on your own to create a lasting impression. You can customize enamel badges with the company’s message about a new product or a new addition. And distribute them among the crowd in an event. Moreover, you can offer them to the new hirings of your company as well. Or they can also be used as a reward for good performance. 


If you want to showcase your identity, then a badge will be a great accessory for you.  

Whether you are related to a motorcycle club or a sports club, these markers will assist you in telling the world who you are. Moreover, you can also gift it to someone as a symbol of friendship or love. 

Fashion Staple:

Are you planning to buy a new jacket?

But don’t want to spend a lot on outwear, then can also recycle your old jacket into a new one. You can level up its look with the help of a few custom badges. Moreover, you can also hide a hole in any clothing item with the help of these tiny emblems. Furthermore, you can also use them to make your dull accessories stylish. So aren’t you convinced yet? You can personalize these emblems according to any occasion and steal the spotlight.


Are you looking for some DIY ideas to enhance the look of your empty wall?

Then you can count on custom badges. With the help of these stamps, you can craft a cute wall hanging. Or you can even frame your collection of emblems and place that anywhere. Moreover, you can also beautify your cushion covers with the help of embroidered badges. As a result, it will convert your boring sofa into a stylish one.

Moreover, if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money on them, you can also create them on your own. If you want to know how you can do that, then keep reading.

How To Craft A Custom Badge?

People think that crafting something is a tough job, but it’s not an uphill battle. 

All you need is to follow the below steps, and if you are good at sewing, then this process will be a breeze for you. So let’s dig into what they are.

Draw An Art Work:

The first thing that you have to do is to think about the design for your badge. 

You can take inspiration from the internet as well. After that, you have to draw that design on paper. And examine which type of emblem will look suitable for this design. 

Gather The Required Material:

When the planning process is finished, it’s time to grab all the material that you will need to make your badge. 

The material depends on the type you have chosen. If you desire an embroidered one, you will be required a thread, needle, and backing material. Or if you want a printed one, then you will have to take help from various sites that provide this service.  

Start Crafting:

After that, you have to start crafting it. 

Make a base of the emblem and shape it as you require. The next you have to do is to embroider, print or add beads to it to create the desired look of your badge. You can also play with the base material of a stamp; you can use plastics, steel, or even various fabrics. It’s up to you how you design it. 

Adjust Backing And Final touch:

When you are done composing it, now is the time to add backing to it for attachment. 

When your product is ready, you can cut all the residue away from your badge. As a result, it will provide clarity to your design and to the boundaries of your emblem. And ta-da, your badge is ready to face the world. 


Pick a custom badge for every occasion, as it will surely be a perfect fit for any of the above-mentioned applications. 

Whether you are planning to compose them on your own or buying them from several UK-based sites, these emblems will make you stand out. We have covered all the pointers above and how you can use them for your benefit. 

Moreover, we have also explained the process of making them step by step above for your ease. But make sure to use contrasting colors so it would not dim the light of your artwork. Lastly, you have to frequently clean and maintain them if you want them to stay for a longer time. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now or customize one according to your personality and show the world who you are as a person.