However, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that decorative and navigation functions must not be too fanciful for users. Otherwise, it will wind-up the whole interface as nothing but a complex function. So when it comes to UI animation for mobiles, the logic that has to be put in navigation is crucial. Because a great mobile app animation must feel natural to users. 

There are a combination of factors that shape the user’s decision towards a particular product. Mobile app animation and UI are two major combinations that hold the power to transform user behavior and lead them to click on CTA. In this brief blog that focuses on mobile app animation, I will try to put every element that plays a vital role in creating a remarkable UI mobile application.

Why Is Mobile App Animation Important for User Engagement?

Do you remember how computer-generated imagery and storyboard teaching used to captivate our interest during school time? Interface animations are similar to that experience. Animation and interaction are interrelated. Gone are the days when the businesses used to head to a mobile app development company and state their requirement of having elegant mobile apps with simplistic features. The technology has advanced and so do the marketers. They are now focusing on giving users a visually-driven experience that allows users to use the AR zone app more effectively. The advantages of having exception UI mobile animations are – 

  • Leaves a great first impression on users.
  • Strengthens brand identity.
  • Intensifies the interaction between the user and the device.
  • Highlights the app’s main features.
  • Facilitates effective transitions in the app.
  • Fluid and feels natural to the user.

How to Create UI Animations in the Mobile App for Boosted CX?

The app animations enable users to explore the endless creative search. Hence, when it comes to designing an app that can have a real positive impact, the responsibility of developers to provide exceptional user experience and smooth interactions doubles. There are different types of animations that are gaining traction and many apps even have leveraged app development companies to understand how each of them are helpful in enhancing the mobile UI instantly. Let’s have a look at the appropriate use of animations in mobile apps for enhanced UI-UX design.

Display navigation transition

The animation is the type of motion that indicates how the different UI elements in an app related to each other. In order to build an advanced animation for your app, you must be mindful of establishing bonds between each and every element in a pecking order.

Implementation of progress animations

The animation transition is all about turning customer experiences into a fruitful endeavour which can easily signify the level of complex elements and functionalities in an app. The progress animations improve the loading bars and timeline. Moreover, animation of progress stamps out negative experiences for users by adding entertaining elements.

Add character-based animation for user appeal

Thousands of apps are launched every year out of which only a few could manage to gain customer’s attention. Out of many, an unappealing mobile interaction is the main reason behind a major fall in user engagement for an app. A character-based animation bestows a  great opportunity to express the brand’s originality.

Focus on different variations of animation

The animation loading will start feeling boring to the users until they see the variation in the same. Adding pull-to-refresh animations and attractive preloaders will make the animation illustrations more attention drawing to users. On top of all, this approach will also help in making navigation more clear and intuitive.

Important Aspects to Look at During Animation Integration

Applying animation to mobile apps has numerous benefits but that does not mean there’s no downside of it. While interface animation provides convenient and easy interaction, it also increases the load-time and could be the cause of distraction factor. Hence, it is important for developers to not overlook these factors while integrating animation in the app and even if it occurs they should assimilate everything in a way that impacts least.

Final Words

It is evident how essential apps have become for businesses. Therefore, it is crucial for brands to look beyond just implementing state-of-the-art features in an app. Your innovative idea would not be useful if it’s not sellable. While animation in the app could improve UX, it also intensifies navigation and interactions making it appealing for users. Hence, having an app for boosted UX is a must and it is important for enterprises to understand that.

Do you want to discuss how and where to integrate animation in your app? Connect to our app development experts who can give you sound advice after attentively listening to your demands.