Do you enjoy shopping on the internet? Have you ever browsed through different products on different websites and stumbled upon It’s safe to assume that you don’t know the authenticity of this site. You can also look at our audit below to get all the answers you need before purchasing anything through the gateway.

This article focuses on Typromos Reviews. It is something that people from several countries, including the United States, are eager to learn about.

What is Typromos?

Typromos is an online electronic commerce site that sells a variety of ladies clothing items. These include dresses and cover-ups like ponchos. You can also find accessories like scarves, belts and smoke screens on this portal.


  • Type of Website– Online e-commerce site for women fashion, selling cover-up and other accessories.
  • Website address –
  • E-mail addressContact
  • Contact Us– 379 W. Omar-Stret Struthers Ohio-44471United States.
  • Contact Number– 7853429029Is Typromos Legit).
  • Products PricesMentioned in US dollars.
  • Filtering and Sorting Options– Available.
  • Payment OptionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal.
  • Shipping PolicyStandard shipping takes between 3-8 business days.
  • Return Policy– 14 days from date of receipt of item.
  • Privacy PolicyMentioned.
  • Terms and Conditions– Referred to under the section “Terms Of Service”.
  • Social Media Links– Not available


These are some of the best things about this site.

  • The discount strategy was clearly portrayed by the website designers.
  • It has been clearly stated that shipping and return policies are available.
  • The developers clearly listed the payment options available, including which methods you can use to purchase products from this website.


These are the negative sides of Typromos.

  • Pictures on the home page were fetched from different portals.
  • The portal does not have social media links, which makes it difficult for customers trust the site.
  • The “Terms Of Use” section is full of grammatical errors. It also incorporates data from another website.
  • The number is for a hotel. It leads to a portal that is not related to Typromos.
  • Clients may be suspicious about the authenticity of the brand or product number.
  • The email address for contact mail is not verified.

Is Typromos Legit

The following facts are intended to help you understand the above question.

  • Website Age: Two months, created May 31st 2021.
  • Website Trust Score– 2.2%, which is considered a “very low trust score.”
  • Customer Reviews– While there is an “add a review” button underneath every product, you won’t find any reviews anywhere else on the site.
  • Absence of Social Media Links: No connections are provided to locate the web-based media handle of this site. Unverified mail and a contact number are the only ways to get in touch with them. Continue reading for more information.Typromos Reviews.
  • Unverified Number for Contact Phone: The provided contact number is unverified and refers to a hotel. The hotel’s website led to an unrelated website.
  • We are missing certain specificationsThis portal cannot be trusted because there are not brand names or product descriptions.
  • Legal Contact– The address provided is not a business address. It belongs to a housing association.
  • Owner Information –The owner of this website is not known.

We’ve gathered facts and information about the website and can conclude that it may be a scam since it is only two-months old.

Typromos Reviews

This platform is not reviewed on any major platforms, such as Amazon, Reddit and Quora. It is highly risky to shop on this website. You may find it helpful to read Everything You Need To Know About the Paypal Scam before you attempt to make installments at these sites.

The Final Verdict

We don’t recommend shopping from this unsafe or unknown website. Instead, we recommend that you read How to Get Refund on Credit Card, if Scammed. For more information on scarves, please visit Scarves.

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