There are generally two types of secret or hidden tracking devices for cars. The two ways these GPS trackers work are:

Passive Hidden Tracking Device: A passive GPS tracker acts as a data logging device. It records all the routes the vehicle has traveled and the data can be downloaded later. They do not require a continuous internet connection as they do not work in real-time. The problem with these types of trackers is that you do not get regular updates.

Active hidden tracking device: Car tracker can send you the information whenever you want. They require a constant data connection to transmit the data in real-time. They require more power than passive trackers. So they need to have a powerful internal battery, or you may need to replace them regularly. Using an activity tracker is very useful as you get the information in real-time and it can save you or your family in an emergency.

Features of an ideal hidden GPS tracker

Here are some basic features that an ideal hidden GPS tracker should have:

Real-time tracking: To see where your vehicle is in real-time, a GPS tracker should include real-time tracking. With the feature to find the location of your vehicle at any time, this feature is generally included in most GPS tracking systems.

A powerful battery: A hidden tracking device for your car, specifically the active tracker, must have a strong battery. Since it constantly uses the data connection and sends you the data, it would require long battery life.

Enclosure: The hidden car trackers can be used reasonably as they are portable and mostly located in an unguarded area. Therefore, they must be protected with a good quality case. A well-known tracker comes with a proper cape along with it. In addition, it is an additional advantage if the case has the option of easy mounting, e.g. A magnetic case.

Proximity Alerts: The Proximity Alert is a feature where you get a notification every time your vehicle reaches a destination you have indicated on the map. This feature helps you to free yourself from constantly checking whether you have reached your destination or not.

Geofencing: The geofencing function of a GPS tracker notifies you when a vehicle is driving outside a predetermined range. It can help you notify the family members who can cross the preset area. With this feature, you can monitor a teenager of the family who has been to a football game in the evening. You can check if he is going to the party after the match, which is outside the preset range on the tracker. You can also check if the old family members are traveling within the area you specified on your tracker for their safety.

Speed ​​warnings: A good GPS tracker notifies you if the car exceeds the speed limit. You can set a speed limit on the tracker so you can train the driver to learn better driving skills.

Data recording: An ideal GPS tracker for cars should keep an accurate record of the data for a long time so that you can check the information when needed. Ideally for vehicles, a GPS tracker that can store data for 30 days or more is the best.

Benefits of Hidden GPS Tracker

• Tracking your car’s location anytime: Having a GPS tracker in your car helps you find it anytime, anywhere you want. If the tracker is in an area with a continuous internet connection, it will send you constant updates on your mobile phone or any other device of your choice via email and SMS or via a dedicated app installed for the tracker.

Find your car even after it has been stolen: With an efficient, hidden GPS tracker, you can recover your stolen car. You can easily share the location of your car with law enforcement, which increases the chances of getting it back.

Analyze your car’s performance: You can check your car’s performance by knowing the distance, it drove, the route it drove, and the speed and driver behavior by installing a secret tracking device in your car.

Protect your family members: Know the whereabouts of your family members via the GPS tracker so that in case of emergency you can get them the help they need and protect them from injury.

Get immediate help in an emergency: The sooner you know of a problem, the sooner you can solve it. As soon as your GPS warns you of an accident or other mishap, you can inform the necessary authorities and get quick help. The tracker helps you send the exact location to someone for help if you are stranded or have had an accident. This will especially help when you are in an unfamiliar area.

Recall your meetings: You can access your old records to check your routes and who you have met in the last few days using the GPS tracker of a person in your vehicle.

Get details and statistics about a trip: You can assess mileage, fuel consumption g and other details of a long trip using these trackers.

Calculate the time left for a trip to be completed: Once you know the remaining distance to reach your destination and the speed of your car, you can easily calculate the remaining time before the trip is to be completed. This can be done by other sources on your car like Google maps etc, but having a tracker helps you calculate data even if you are away from your car and someone else is driving it.

Monitoring the driver: Did you know that as a car owner you are responsible even if your driver has an accident or if the car is used for illegal, unauthorized work? A car tracker in multan can help you avoid that. There are cases where you need to send your motorist for various tasks in your home or office. These are the times when you might want to keep an eye on him to see if he’s following the rules and regulations.

Know when your car is being towed: This is another way you can use your hidden car tracker in multan . You will be notified when your car is moved, towed or even bumped so you can shop right away.