Riding bicycles in the neighborhood, skating around town, or just cruising around on their bikes, kids love to do all kinds of things with their rides. Of course, as a parent, you’d always want to make sure they’re as safe as they can be while doing so. A helmet is the first line of safety to keep your child protected in case of any sudden collisions or falls.

But you also don’t want to give them a helmet they can’t really enjoy wearing. So what kind of helmet is the best for your child? You might already know that helmets are designed according to the activities and age of the user. Below we have a quick guide on types of helmets you can give your kids, depending on their age.

Helmets for Babies and Toddlers

Your babies are incredibly precious, so it’s natural for you to want nothing but the best for them. For babies or toddlers, the best option is full-coverage helmets with adjustable headbands. These helmets are designed with a soft inner lining and a few vents for breathability, they weigh much less than other kinds of helmets.

This Hornet Flamingo Kids Helmet will fit your toddler’s head just right. This fashionable helmet features an adjustable buckle, three-way adjustable chin strap for a comfortable fit, and it’s equipped to keep your child’s head cool and dry.

Helmet for Young Bike Riders

The helmets for this age group are designed to give full protection to the head and support the neck posture, so kids don’t get neck strain in an hour-long ride. These helmets are usually available in beautiful, catchy designs to make your child love wearing them. Adjustable straps and a removable visor are key features you should look out for in a helmet for young bike riders.

One such perfect helmet is the Nutcase Little Nutty Robo Boy bicycle helmet. It’s made of a lightweight ABS hard shell, has a low-profile fit, and comes in many different designs. It will surely be a hit with your child.

Helmet for Young Skateboarders

The best skateboard helmets ensure your child can get back up on his feet after a fall, but they shouldn’t get in the way of his playing. Look for a helmet with lots of ventilation and full coverage, so your child doesn’t get hot after wearing it.

The helmet we recommend is; Hornit Hammarhead Kids Helmet. It is an ABS hardshell helmet with a removable liner, side ventilation for comfort, and it’s easy to adjust for the perfect fit. The LED light keeps your kid visible at night, while the catchy print and design make it a head-turner and the envy of his friends.

When you’re buying helmets for your kids, make sure you measure their head circumference. A helmet should be comfortable, fit snugly, have a soft inner lining, be lightweight, and must meet safety standards. Also, make sure you don’t fall for cheap catchy helmets that sacrifice safety. Your budget is important, but you definitely prioritize your child’s safety.

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