The first garage doors resembled traditional carriage house doors that swing outward. Snow had to be cleared away beforehand, of course, and they endured a lot of wear and tear. Today’s garage doors are long-lasting, beautiful, and convenient and add to a home’s security, value, and curb appeal. Often the first thing you notice when approaching a house, the modern garage door has the same attention-getting power as a human face.

Garage Door Materials


Called “kid-proof” by many homeowners, vinyl is durable, energy-efficient, and more soundproof from outside noise than other materials. It won’t dent or rust. The UV-resistant resin will keep its finish beautiful. Available in different styles and colors, the only needed maintenance is occasional housing.


It’s light and durable for everyday use and won’t rust. Although resistant to denting and cracking, it can shatter from strong impact. Molded in layers on a steel frame filled with insulating material such as polyurethane, fiberglass can be customized in many colors as well as wood-patterned textures. No time-consuming upkeep needed.


Because aluminum is lightweight, it lasts a long time because the moving parts aren’t stressed. Softer than steel, it can be dented, however. Rustproof, it’s available with a brushed finish and in many colors. You can also fit your doors with translucent glass panels to allow sunlight inside but not prying eyes. In some regions, wind-resistant systems can be added to provide stability during severe storms.


Steel is an overall reliable and classic option because it’s usually galvanized, treated, and painted for added longevity and rust resistance. The doors can be insulated if desired. Although it can dent, it’s less expensive than other choices such as wood.


Real wood as well as wood composite with polystyrene cores for insulation are currently very popular. Wood not only has natural beauty but the ability to be customized with a variety of shapes, designs, stains, and paints. Constructed in layers to prevent warping, it’s durable and long-lasting. Not only lightweight, cedar is resistant to damage from moisture and insects. Other commonly used woods include fir and redwood. Luan, also known as Lauan plywood, Philippine mahogany, and Meranti plywood, is a tropical hardwood growing in popularity. Wood requires regular maintenance to retain its many special properties.

Choosing the Right Company

Good garage doors are an investment not only in your home but in the quality of your daily life. Here are some things to look for when selecting the best garage door company:

  • A wide range of services that indicate experience and training
  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff with time to answer your questions about garage door materials, different types of construction, and customization
  • Budget-friendly as well as high-end options
  • Proof of certification and insurance
  • Availability of emergency service and quick response time
  • Service guarantees and manufacturers’ warranties
  • Good reviews and testimonials