You want to purchase anything on this site? We recommend that you read Coxcart Review once to clarify any doubts.

Do you love shopping online? We found a website that sells online products. Coxcart is responsible for this website. This topic has been a hot topic recently. It is a topic that people in the United States are interested to learn about. Although it’s easy to shop online, it can be a little risky.

We will give you all the details about this website via our Coxcart Reviews. This will allow you to understand whether this site is safe or dangerous.

About Coxcart Website

This website was created recently on 2022/06/29. It is used to sell outdoor furniture, exercise and training equipment, gaming accessories, and other related products. You can also get free shipping on orders over $200, and discounts on your products. However, this website does not provide any details about its owner or company.

We will now look at the details of this website. This will allow us to determine Is Coxcart Legit. Next, we’ll look at the specifications of this website.

Specifications for Coxcart Website

  • Domain Establishment date- The Coxcart was created on 2022/06/29. That’s just a few days ago.
  • Payment Methods – These payment methods include Visa, MasterCard and Amex.
  • Products Available-Gaming accessories and outdoor furniture, among others.
  • Shipping Policy – Delivery takes approximately 7-14 days.
  • Return Policy – The website gives you 30 days to return your products.
  • Refund Policy – Money will not be refunded to your original payment method.
  • Exchange Policy –Products may be exchanged within 30 Days.
  • Email Address- Mail at [email protected].
  • Company Address (Physical). In the article Coxcart Review, the address is given as Owasso OK 1201 East 86th Streat N.
  • Contact Number-+1 404 939 4078
  • Website Link-

Next, we’ll reveal the website’s merits as well as its demerits. Keep reading.

Pros and Cons of Coxcart Website

  • The protocol of HTTPS protects the site.
  • They share the same URLs and names as the0020Portal.
  • Selected items are eligible for discounts and they are also appeasing.

Cons Of Coxcart Website

  • Website does not have social media accounts
  • Their customer reviews are not positive, which is a problem.
  • It appears that the contact information is fake. This is a sign of trustlessness.
  • We do not have the owner details.

Is Coxcart Legit? Or Fake

To clear any doubts about the site, we will now review its legitimacy points.

  • Date for Portal Formation – It was discovered that the site was formed on 2022/06/29. This is an indication of doubt.
  • Portal Cessation Day- Portal will end on 2023/06/29. This is not a long time.
  • Score of Trust – The portal managed to score only 1%, which is quite a low score.
  • Trust Ranking- The trust rank of this website is just 1.9%, which is suspicious.
  • Content Quality- The refund policy is 78% plagiarized.
  • Policies-Find Coxcart Review which policies are missing.
  • Address authentication- They have given an incorrect address.
  • Social Media Presence –Website doesn’t have any social media.
  • Customer Feedback –Customer feedback could not be found anywhere.
  • Discounts –Discounts can be used to increase the number of customers.
  • Owner Details – The facts of the owner are not known.

Customer Reviews

We have collected reviews from every legitimate and regular website, including TrustPilot. However, not one Coxcart Review has yet been published. This portal does not allow comments because they don’t have any social media accounts.

We have also found some reviews that can be done on this website. If you feel that you have been duped and would like to know how to get your PayPal reimbursement back, click here.


We have learned that this online shop sells training various equipment , and outdoor furniture. This website doesn’t have any customer Coxcart Review or social media presence.

The website contact information is fake and the score is lower than average. All these factors suggest that the website is suspect. Are you interested in a credit card refund? Read.

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