This article focuses on Tycoon Shoes Review. It contains all the information regarding this site in order to verify whether the site is legitimate or not.

What type of shoes do you the most appeal to you when you go to the office or for formal occasions? Are you a fan of buying a variety of footwear? If so then you should take the look at Tycoon Shoe.

It’s an online website that deals with leather shoes. They are fashionable, at various times.

The people of America United Statesprefer wearing elegant shoes for various occasions. These shoes are trendy and provide good comfort and cushioning for legs.

Tycoon shoes are authentic leather shoes, which are stylish and casual, yet stylish. They are extremely comfortable and elegant. The shoes are perfect for office parties or events.

Let’s take a look at Let’s look at Tycoon Shoes Review.

Summary of Tycoon Shoes.

Tycoon Shoes is an online store that lets customers purchase various types of leather shoes with a variety of styles and colors to suit a variety of occasions. The website has thirteen pairs of footwear (All in various colors)) along with two additional accessories.

The company claims that the footwear are made from pure genuine leather. Their expert hand-crafting techniques make their craftsmanship beyond expectation.

They also say that their customers can customize the product by incorporating different fashion segments to their life through the use of Tycoon shoes.

However, is Tycoon Shoes Legit?


  • Site Type The items are accessible online. They offer leather shoes.
  • E.mail: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Contact number Absent.
  • Number of contact +1833-714-0150.
  • Cost of products (AUD, GBP USD, CAD, ZAR, NZD, Sorting and Filtering Present.
  • Payment options Payments secured by ShopPay, Google Pay and PayPal. Shipping Policies The company offers free shipping throughout the world.
  • Time of delivery They deliver within seven to fifteen working days.
  • Return Policy It’s possible to return within 30 days of purchase.
  • Social media hyperlinks There are no handles for social media are listed.

Tycoon Shoes Reviews aren’t fully explored with the additional information. Check out some of the favorable and the negative reviews on Tycoon shoes in the below section.

Positive Thoughts

  • This website is dedicated to the occasional-use leather shoes that have distinct styles.
  • This website has 51% trust rating that makes it somewhat safe to purchase products.
  • The cost of goods is also reliable.
  • HTTPS is a feature that ensures customers’ security.

False facts

  • The company offers very few choices for shoes, i.e.only 13 pairs.
  • The contact number is not available.
  • Unrelated with any other social media handles.
  • There are no reviews from customers on the products available.

Does Tycoon Shoes Legit

The Tycoon shoes must be examined and confirmed. Therefore, let us confirm the authenticity of the shoes in the following section.

  • Webpage AgeThis web site was a relatively new site that was built in less than a month. (Creation date February 02nd 2022). We can’t tell if it’s genuine or not.
  • The Trust Rating of the the Website:51 %, classified as trust-based; average score.
  • Index in Alexa 5640661, rank on Alexa is very high. Hence, suspicious.
  • The authenticity of the contact number:This website does not provide a contact number however, they do have a 24-hour helpline number.
  • The legitimacy of Email ID Email ID is responding.
  • Tycoon Shoes Reviews There is a problem with.
  • The identity of the owner The owner identity is not available. specific information on the site’s owner.
  • Social Media Connection:there is no linking to all social media accounts.
  • the Return, and Exchange policy They have 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • The Refund Policy The site states that if you aren’t satisfied with the product you received and you wish to send them a letter, they can resolve issues with the item.

Feedback from customers is essential for a website to be trusted however, the website does not have customer reviews to show its credibility.

Tycoon Shoes Review

This site lets you purchase the best leather shoes that are available in various styles of colors.

The company also states that they use high-end authentic leather, and very comfortable shoes that are hand-stitched.

Despite its excellent service however, the website does not offer a single testimonial about the product.

Furthermore, the site wasn’t reviewed by a reliable review website. Therefore, it’s difficult to prove the legitimacy of this site.

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Tycoon offers the most comfortable casual leather shoes that can be worn on various occasions. Therefore, Tycoon Shoes Reviews are not available, therefore we can’t prove that it is legitimate.

So, we recommend that you do some research before making a purchase your money. If you decide to take a the chance to purchase an item from this site make sure you record your review and comment on this item.