Twitch is a social media platform that is specially established for video producers, gamers, and bloggers. Twitch gained popularity due to the video broadcasts. From stream games to sharing video songs, twitch gives every possible entertainment. In 2016, twitch inaugurated a platform and the main purpose of the platform was to introduce Bits. Twitch followers get benefits and streams from these bits. These bits are paid and the rates start from $0.01 for 1 bit. And luckily twitch followers can use these bits for free.

Twitch Bits

Twitch bits are animated emojis that are used to send during chats. This is the most amazing way to award streamers and announcers. The twitch buts can be purchased online. Also, the users can redeem or donate them for watching live stream videos if they want to. The twitch bits are arranged in a way that benefits both the streamer and the viewer. Alongside, the bits are ready to be used in many badges.

There are several techniques that can be used to obtain the free bits. For streamers and viewers, it is the best opportunity for them to build a promising connection with member streamers. Here is a guide to get streamers. The bits can also be collected by simply watching some ads or just buying them at once.

Guide to get twitch bits:

  1. The useful and one of the effective ways to obtain free bits is just by watching video ads on mobile phones.
  2. Another most effective and low-effort hack to get free bit is watching the video ads but making them mute. While the ads are played, keep them muted and play them. Another technique is to play them repeatedly during the breaks. Most commonly, people mute the ads but keep them playing on a window screen. This helps to manage other chores while earning the bits.
  3. You can also play ads on your desktop. This will help you to earn extra bits than before. Forvtgevusers who continually use twitch and watch all the ads actively have the chance that they will get better bits at high rates. You have to follow the below steps to watch ads on your desktop.
  4. Make sure the Adblocker is not turned on. If you are a firefox or chrome user, then move the cursor and place it on the address bar, then click the button Ad-block.
  5. Then, you can choose to pause or turn it off on the website.
  6. Now click the diamond icon in purple color to open a stream.
  7. Now click on “get bits” and you will find a button “watch ads”.

By watching one ad, it will give you 6-10 bits. But some ads need user interaction to play.

Twitch bits are regularly rising up in the streaming world. They are best for the viewers and the streamers to help them support their fellows and channels. Twitch has a certain pricing list according to the choice and need. You need to just follow the tips properly and you will get free bits.