Who doesn’t remember Ernie Brown Jr., who rose to popularity as the Turtleman? His show, the Call of the Wildman, wherein you could witness Ernie catch many wild species with bare hands, is remarkable. Unfortunately, however, the star from the United States encountered a grave accident on Tuesday, 15 March 2022.

While news of his perpetual death was doing rounds on the internet, it was later revealed that he was involved in a grave accident. Therefore, we bring you complete details about the Turtle Man Accident 2022 and what happened.

Who is Turtle Man?

The Turtleman was a nickname given to Ernie Brown Jr., who hosted the Call of the Wildman. It was one of the popular reality series from the United States that aired on Animal Planet. The show aired from 2011 to 2014.

The show also starred Neal James and his dogs Brown and Lolly. According to research, the show highlighted the exploits of the Turtleman who operated caught and released animals, causing a nuisance. In the coming section, we will be elaborating more about Turtle Man Accident 2022 and what happened to him.

Why is Turtle Man in the News?

On the fateful day of Tuesday, 15 March 2022, the star of the show Call of the Wildman encountered a fatal accident due to falling of tree limb on him. The news was shared by Turtleman himself through a live video on Facebook that was taken from the hospital where he is recuperating.

As per sources, he encountered a broken bone on the arm when a tree limb fell from 50 feet of height. Besides, he also stated getting hit by the tree limb on his leg and another that fell on his neck and shoulders.

Turtle Man Accident 2022 – The Latest Updates

As per sources, a few hoaxes on the internet started doing rounds about the Turtleman succumbing to death. However, it was later proved false after the Call of the Wildman star himself posted a live video on Facebook.

Furthermore, as per sources, Ernie Brown, also known as Turtle man, who caught many wild species bare-handed on the show, fell from a tree. Herein, he was perhaps cutting a tree when a tree limb from a height of 50 feet fell on the ground and was hit him on his legs, neck, and shoulders.

However, as per Turtle Man Accident 2022 latest updates, he is recuperating but still in the hospital.

Final Conclusion

Fans across the globe are praying for his speedy recovery and waiting for him to return with his adventures. However, it has to be noted that the news of his death was a hoax, and he is very much alive, taking treatment at the hospital.

As per the updates given by the Turtleman himself on the live, he had broken a bone in his arm and hurt his shoulders.

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