The favourable nature of the iGaming industry works like a magnet for entrepreneurs from around the world. At the same time, a common fear of a mistake during project assembly can be an obstacle for some businessmen. For the lack of experience not to become a problem, the niche features turnkey casino solutions.

This ready-made service entails a complete transfer of elaboration duties from a potential operator to the experts of an aggregator organisation. Everything from drawing a business plan to integrating regular updates to the platform is included in the package.

Let us break down the main principles of the solution and perceive its benefits.

Ready-Made Casino: What Is Covered

A provider of such content is called an aggregator. This organisation includes various departments of experts who are responsible for their part of the project during the assembly of a portal.

To ensure fully-fledged elaboration, every stage of the casino advancement receives the essential attention from specialists:

  1. Documentation preparation. Every project begins on paper. Starting from the bare concept, the analytical team of an aggregator, together with a client, develop a viable plan of action for the casino. It includes all further phases of creation, financial and legal information, as well as the tiniest intricacies of the operational zone.
  2. Platform design. Any digital gambling start-up should have a site. The first impression from the portal’s image plays a huge role in further visitors’ interaction on the platform. A large team of designers works on utilising relevant tendencies and technology in the configuration of the web resource’s structure, embellishment, and content.
  3. Brand registration and licensing. Juridical aid is valued a lot in such solutions. The legal department of an aggregator investigates the best opportunities for receiving an official permit with coverage of the targeted area. The same goes for brand registration — a unique name, design, and other nuances are elaborated for a seamless managerial process.
  4. Software addition. Amusement content is the heart of every web casino. An aggregator usually works with the best niche representatives and analyses what games and services will be suitable for a particular project. A large variety is crucial. Also, if there is a possibility to develop brand-new featured titles, it is worth investing in resources.
  5. Administrative tools’ introduction. Besides games, a gambling portal demands managerial instruments for an operator to keep a steady workflow. The set of necessary tools is typically presented in a form of a CMS. The content management system comprises analytical, data-gathering, and administrative components for setting up the working process.
  6. Payment gateway involvement. Depositing and withdrawing functionality are the main punters’ interaction features with a casino. To ensure convenient replenishment of the account and quick cash-out of winnings, an aggregator’s team scans the locality for applicable payment systems and integrates the corresponding APIs.
  7. Security assurance. Registration on a casino portal requires the specification of personal information. To keep this data away from misusage, operators need foolproof safety valves on their start-ups. An aggregator equips the portal with the necessary encryption protocols, firewalls, and safety barriers to eliminate any potential influence of criminals and hackers.

This is a standard set of services that are included in a turnkey solution. Although not typically a part of the offer, project advertising is also crucial for this business operation. The majority of aggregators offer these services for an additional fee to ensure brand popularity.

Advantageous Nature of a Turnkey Offering

While the transfer of almost all responsibilities is the most obvious benefit of working under such conditions, it is much more than just that. Professional assistance in the configuration of a portal is one of the most resorted offerings in the iGaming niche thanks to the peculiarities it introduces.

When ordering an interactive casino site from an aggregator, an operator receives:

  • A fast market entry. Its speed rate is hardly comparable with individual advancement. It takes from 3 to 6 months for the full establishment of a web casino, its first launch, and initial client admission.
  • Necessary guidance and simplicity of project setup. An aggregator’s team does not just hand in the finished product to the client. Each stage is discussed and explained for an entrepreneur to become fully embraced in the process.
  • Considerate investments with all resources spent for good. In the case of individual system elaboration, possible mistakes can be very expensive. With turnkey advancement, all money will go to the right cause.
  • After-launch support for a stable operational process. Once the site is finished an aggregator does not leave its clients. Round-the-clock support and regular updates are supplied to a newly-created casino and its official owner.

Reliable Guide Organisation

While there are multiple companies that an entrepreneur can resort to, choosing the strongest one has always been a priority for thoughtful managers. Online Casino Market is an established supplier of iGaming services.

Turnkey services from the company are one of the most demanded on the market. Easy to start, cheap to handle, and quick to pay off — all this is about the ready-made portal from the organisation.

More details and benefits of collaboration with the aggregator can be retrieved through:

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