Another name of Lion’s Mane is Hericium Erinaceus. It’s the most vital mushroom used in classic Chinese medicine. In other words, thousands of years back, lion’s mane powder was used to treat patients’ health problems. However, now the mushroom powder has been recognized in the west. People have experienced benefits and some issues. In this post, you will learn about the reality of this healing mushroom. 

People’s Positive Experience 

➤Lion’s Mane Powder for a Memory and Mood Booster

They are mainly described as a “nootropic,” which is a family of supplements that stimulate cognitive ability. Moreover, people have observed a great result in terms of concentration, but the result is seen after a few weeks of consumption.  

Everyone is looking for memory and mood booster supplements to live a quality life. Mood swings act as a barrier to living a wonderful life. Moreover, excessive mood swings can ruin relationships. Therefore, it’s paramount to have control over moods and emotions. Teelixir lion’s mane works fabulously if you are looking for this purpose. 

Lion’s mane, Nerve Growth Factor and brain health

Many studies have been done in the past about Lion’s Mane. However, there are no exact results, but people have experienced good brain health. Lion’s mane mushroom in Australia is highly ordered by consumers to increase their Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). You might be wondering what NGF is? It’s responsible for maintaining & developing the neurons in the brain. 

Neurological issues such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease affect the growth of the neurons. In addition, the herb lowers stress & anxiety, which is important for brain health. 

➤Work in Favor of Ulcers in the Digestive Tract 

Ulcers also occur in the digestive tract, such as in the stomach, small intestine and also in the large intestine. Generally, stomach ulcers grow due to the overgrowth of a bacteria known as H. pylori. A person who is habitual to drugs can end up with stomach ulcers which can damage the mucous layer of the stomach.

➤ Reduce Heart Disease Risk 

Heart disease is one of the deadly diseases which is due to high triglycerides, obesity, an increase in cholesterol level, and blood clots. Lion’s mane in Australia is consumed to overcome the risk of cardiovascular disease. Moreover, few studies show that this medicinal mushroom reduces triglyceride levels and improves fat metabolism.

Knowledge FactNeurotrophic Factor Vs. Neuroprotective
Both the terms can confuse you, but neurotrophic factors aid in maintaining the neurons by fighting against the diseases which degrade them. On the other hand, neuroprotective factors protect against stress, mainly oxidative stress. 

What Can be the Dark Side of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

People suffering from asthma should avoid consuming lion’s mane powder as they are contradicted with allergies later on. Side effects that few people have seen are the degradation of immune cells. Generally, the lion’s mane is an excellent immune booster herb, but people suffering from asthma have seen lower immunity. 

In addition, people low in NGF levels must consult the doctor once before consuming the Lion’s Mane Powder. Some people feel itchy skin after a small dose of tincture. Even itchy skin is a significant side effect that is highly prominent in a few studies. If you are facing it, then stop the consumption. 

Closing Thoughts

The lion’s mane powder is a worthy choice to have as it delivers many benefits. However, people suffering from some sort of disease must consult the doctor once before they have it as there can be side effects. However, side effects are not deadly; you can stop consuming them if any worst result starts showing in your body.