We will be discussing this topic in the following articleTroy Nathan FairleyThe reason for his departure from the Mississippi rising alliance.

Are you interested in learning more about troy Nathan? This article will provide all the details about troy’s childhood and American history.

Troy Nathan Fairley has featured in numerous news stories over the years. He was also arrested on a felony charge for being a member in good standing of the Mississippi rising coalition. This is what we will briefly discuss. Please read the entire article for more details.

Who is Troy Nathan?

He was a member Mississippi Rising Coalition. He was charged with felony and sentenced to 22 months imprisonment. In the article, we will briefly discuss the reason for Troy Nathan Fairley his arrest. We will now look at the Mississippi Rising Coalition Board.

More information about Mississippi Rising Coalition Board

It is basically a non-partisan and nonprofit organization of grass pools located in south Mississippi. It is comprised of residents, friends, and affinity groups that support and promote one vision.

This organization has the goal to help Mississippi rise from poverty and to place it at the top of the list in terms of quality of living. They do this by giving power to the communities and individuals, through education and community organizing, as well as advocacy and defense in the area of human rights.

Why was Troy Nathan Fairley expelled?

On the basis of felony charges, Troy was removed as a member from the Mississippi rising coalition board. Troy was taken into custody earlier in 2018 and kept in jail for many months for falsifying documents.

Troy is said to have committed many forgeries or crimes, which he did NOT tell the board. The board also found out about troy’s past and took him out of the Mississippi rising coalition.

Troy Nathan Fairley faces several additional charges for crime besides the ones of forgery. Fairley was also taken into custody in the 2104 year and released in 2016. Some claim that troy isn’t a victim of these charges, but he was convicted on the charges of felony.


Here in this article, we will briefly read about a member of the board of Mississippi rising coalition, and several more crucial pieces of information related to the member Troy Nathan Fairley. We have covered all details about him, as well the reasons for his dismissal from the board Mississippi rising coalition.

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