What song is going to be the most popular in the top 100 this year? Fans are waiting eagerly for the outcome.

According to the report of the moment the voting protocols have completed. It is now time to find out the results.

Within Australia ,fans are captivated by the results. Everybody is waiting for their desired track to be to the top of the list.

However, we must see the final results. However, we can predict what will be the Triple J Hottest 100 Predictions 2022.

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What is Triple J?

Triple J is one of the most well-known radio stations in Australia. One of the most important aspects concerning Triple J is it is an entirely government-funded radio station.

The station first came into existence in 1975. It is affiliated with “ABC” or “Australian Broadcasting Corporation.”

According to the report, the station is a leader in the music scene. From its beginning to the present it has been providing excellent music for its listeners.

“Hottest 100” is one of the most popular events performed with Triple J. Many have claimed that it is”the “Music Democracy of the World”.

The Hotshots- Triple J Hottest 100 Predictions 2022

It is a huge celebration. A lot of people are anticipating their options. But , it’s also the case that the final choice will be clear.

The voting process is conducted via Twitter, which is a platform for social networking. Nearly 30000 users have cast votes to select the most popular track.

It is real that finding the top one isn’t easy. There are many factors to consider. It is possible to predict however, you’re not sure regarding what is on the “Hottest 100” list.

We will have to watch for the final before you be aware of the outcome.

The Big Fight- Triple J Hottest 100 Predictions 2022

As we’ve already mentioned, the decision isn’t simple. There are great battles within them.

There are many songs that can compete with one another. However, the songs that are chosen are those released between November 2021 and December 2020.

A lot of these songs hold great chances of being to be included on the list. According to the report, in 2016 more than two million voters cast votes in 170 countries.

Therefore, you will be able to appreciate the difficulty of the contest. The results will be announced within the 4th week of January. Be prepared to learn the Triple J Hottest 100 2022 predictions 2022results shortly.

Why is this story trending?

For the world of music it’s the biggest event. It’s also a prestigious event.

Since a lot of people are able to vote on their favorite option it is simple and is a fierce battle. Following its launch media coverage followed the story.

Fans of music are intrigued by the results. This is the primary reason why the news on it is on the rise.


You have to wait a few days. We’re all aware of the results.

There are many tracks like”Seventeen going under, “Seventeen going under,” “Apple crumble”, and having a shot at”Apple crumble” Triple J Hottest 100 Predictions 2022. All we need is to keep our eyes open for.