When planning a trip away Tripadvisor is the most visited site on the internet with people able to have their say on their favourite attractions, favourite restaurants or favourite hotels. However, it also allows user to have their say on their not so happy experiences at the places mentioned above.

What is Tripadvisor?

As mentioned before the website is a review website where regular people can leave reviews about the experiences when they are out and about enjoying the world. Many people might find themselves in a town/city they are not familiar with, people log onto the website to find close things to do or eat around them based on reviews left by others.

Sometimes people will even be in their hometown and be on the lookout for somewhere new to try. If so they log on to Tripadvisor and look at all the reviews given about places around their searched area.

The layout

The website has gone over many changes over the past few years, much like new betting sites in sports, but now it is easier to use and looks fresh. With clear tabs at the top of the page with labels to state where you want to explore in terms of hotels, holiday rentals, things to do, restaurants, travel forums and more.

At the top of the page as well there is a quick click function to add the review you want to and sign in where all your reviews and planned trips will be stored so you are not constantly scrolling looking for what you wanted. The sign in also has an auto Google sign in which is incredibly handy for linking it to your Google Calendar as well.

When scrolling down the site, there are many recommendations from the website to inspire your next trip.

It is a visually pleasing website and makes planning much less stressful.

Where to find the website?

The website can be found at www.tripadvisor.com and it will open up your ideas about your next trip away or even your next night out.

The website also comes in app form but follows the same fundamentals of the website, so people can enjoy Tripadvisor with notifications and more detailed location settings.

Be warned

Not everything on the website is gospel. One person’s review could be positive but the next is negative because there was a fly too close to their head! As we know with the human race, many people can be overly judgmental and they look for a problem when there is not always one.

What you need to do is to take the majority rating of the place (highlighted out of five) and look at the previous five or six posts as a representation of how the place is performing at the current time period. There is no point looking at a review from 2019 when the ownership might have been different and we live in a completely different world these days.


Use this website when planning a trip. It can help with deciding what to eat, where to go and where to stay. People’s opinions are valuable but be sure to do your due diligence about what they are saying.

Tripadvisor is an important tool and help you find those hidden gems that other seekers like you have been searching for.

If you do find one of those hidden gems be sure to leave a review so others can benefit from your experience.