The Crypto Economy is growing rapidly. People are now looking into NFT. NFTs are gaining popularity because people are interested in them. To make more money in today’s economy, people put their savings into NFTs.

Trillionaire thugs NFT are a topic of curiosity for everyone in New Zealand, Australia, the United States.

What does NFT mean?

We hope you are now familiar with the Non-fungible tokens. Let’s have a look to see what the Non-fungible tokens are. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a type or blockchain token, can each be traced back individually to an entity. They are unique and can’t be replaced by any other tokens.

NFT can also be described as a group of cryptocurrencies that offer advanced smart contracts functionality. These tokens can also be programmed to enable unique, dynamic effects within the token’s ecosystem. These tokens may only be digital or in virtual collectables, such as Cryptokitties.

Trillionaire Thugs NFT

It is a NFT, which was just launched on the digital currency marketplace. They have a large collection of 7777 3D arts pieces. Trillionaire Thugs is the collective name for this large collection of 3D art pieces. Their NFTs have been built using more than 300 traits.

Their NFTs were based on hip hop. These NFTs are not limited to the first party in 2022.

Market Stats

  • Trading volume Zero currently.
  • Floor price is 0.08 (lowest)
  • There are 30 pieces to choose from on the market.
  • They currently have eight owners.


Let us now see the Trillionaire Trhugs NFT roadmap. They have six distinct phases to their journey.

  • 1st Stage:Launching collection of thugs and gang art. After the collection was launched, permission was granted to the whitelist. The entire collection of 7777 pieces is then launched.
  • Phase 2: Hosting parties immediately following the launch in Miami and Dubai of the NFTs. It’s a chance to meet people in real life.
  • Third Phase:Launching exclusive Merch in order to be immediately recognizable as the holder.
  • 4th Stage: After 30 days, the old holder will be able to access an NFT collection of weapons that has been added to the Troillionaire Thugs .
  • 5th Stage:Character upgrades will be provided to holders. NFT is now more practical and financially valuable.
  • 6th Stage: Create a game that will be connected to characters and the metaverse. Holder will be able online to display their collection.


The NFT industry is expanding at an unprecedented pace. NFT is growing in popularity and increasing numbers of people are searching for it. A lot of people are attracted to digital art, and embrace the idea.