League of Legends is one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. The aim of the game is to progress through a series of maps, defeating minions and enemy players along the way in order to progress to new levels and ultimately win the game. The higher the level, the more complex and difficult the map becomes.

Like all video games, there are tricks that can be employed in order to give oneself an advantage over opponents. Here are 8 gaming techniques on League Of Legends:

1. Shift Gaming

Shift gaming is a technique where a player leaves the game at an inconvenient time in order to force another player or players to leave or lose interest in the game. This is one of the most common techniques used by players as it does not cause a ban and can be repeated regularly for maximum effect.

2. Abandoning the game

Abandoning the game is a technique where a player leaves a game when it has progressed to a point where victory or defeat can be determined. The primary benefit of abandoning the game is that it does not cause a ban and can be repeated regularly for maximum effect.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork makes sense in any battle, especially in video games. Coordination and communication are necessary to help each other out on difficult levels or when battling an opponent across lanes and jungles.

4. Early-game play

The early game is the first phase of a League Of Legends game. The early game period is when the players are relatively new to the game and do not have any ‘spells’ or abilities that they can use to harass an opponent, send minion waves, or kill minions as fast as they can. It also includes the first ‘wave’ of turrets, which are built 6 minutes into the game.

5. Farm

The farm is the process by which players collect gold and experience points by killing minions and enemy champions. Players in League Of Legends can collect money through the process of farming because they are able to kill minions, which ultimately leads to obtaining stronger abilities and buying items.

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6. Laning

Laning is when two players start off in different areas of a map. The laning phase usually lasts for a short time and is usually followed by two players transitioning from the laning phase. This process allows the player to access a gold mine or a node that can eventually yield an advantage.

7. Jungle

Jungling is the process of players traveling to gather ‘jungle’ monsters that can be used to help them during battle, or in some cases gain an advantage over their opponent.

This article was written by Sean ‘Nixo’ Nix. You can follow him on Twitter. The information above was provided via League of Legends Wikia.

Bottom Line

The techniques on League Of Legends are meant to give players an advantage over their opponents. Most of the gaming techniques discussed in this article cannot cause a ban, but one should take note that they can be used in moderation to avoid getting banned by the system. Note that using these tricks is not allowed, and is definitely against the rules of League Of Legends. The penalties are usually severe if a player is caught breaking them.

In a nutshell, to effectively climb the ladder in League of Legends, one should first master a few techniques. The key here is that practicing any of these techniques is not cheating. If a gamer works hard at it, they will progress faster without having to put time into playing another game character.