The big urban megapolis of Rawalpindi is a hub for business and financial movement.   However, the fourth-most densely inhabited City in Pakistan is non-other than Rawalpindi. 

Together with Islamabad, Rawalpindi has experienced a surge in migration in recent years. As a result, various housing societies have started to arise inside and outside of cities to meet these expanding resident demands. Every single housing developer is putting up fresh, original concepts. These come with first-rate amenities and services.

Rawalpindi’s best new and existing residential societies are listed here, along with a brief synopsis. A lot of them are offers with simple instalment options. So avoid being duped by tricks. This blog provides you with the most accurate information possible from dependable and reputable sources.

Mangla Green Housing

Mangla Perspective Resort (Pvt) Ltd’s efforts are Mangla Green Housing. The project involves a variety of options, including mansions, apartments, and other structures that offer an enriching environment.

Mangla Dam, a dazzling lake, also provides a breathtaking view of the sunsets and effervescent water. Also, this intriguing concept’s inclusion of one of Asia’s natural aquatic sites is another distinctive feature. In addition, there are lush landscapes, stunning lakes, and urban structures to explore. 

Best Location

The Society is in a stunning area. It has 17 hundred feet and is in Central Mangla. Frontline property on the Grand Trunk Road with easy access from the upcoming Khaariyan-Rawalpindi Motorway is at a pivotal intersection for important future initiatives like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor route.

Rapid Development

At MGH, the development process is progressing swiftly. The designers at Mangla Green have committed themselves with professionalism and openness to finishing this project on time. As a result, 40% of the building projects in this area have now been finilizing. The remaining work on the project is in accordance with the complex project specifications and concepts. Mangla Housing also provides a lovely entrance with picturesque surroundings. The roads there are wide and well-kept.

Away from the hustle and rush of the City,  this is a contemporary, cutting-edge home development close to the M-2. Kingdom Group is creating Kingdom Valley, as its project is known.

Kingdom Valley

This scheme comes under the Naya Pakistan Residential Scheme. The developers put a lot of effort into providing an extraordinary level of knowledge and quality at a fair price.

Excellent place

The M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway conveniently passes by Kingdom Valley Islamabad, making it easy to get into this scheme. A property investment project’s success depends on its location.

Approved Project

Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, the Society (NOC) approved. 

New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan, another project started by BSM Developer, is a vital, highly urbanized city that may gain much from the development. The most recent solutions and advantages provided by this venture are all inexpensive. 

Latest Developments

This project’s development is off to a strong start, and things are moving quickly. Sadly, it will also have an impact on costs in the future. Property values in this business will soar due to a few significant occurrences. As a result, now is the ideal time to invest in this Community to see substantial returns quickly.

Numerous Investment benefits

To sum up, this housing concept is a great place to start when it comes to helping the people of Gujar Khan. Nevertheless, because of the developer’s accessibility, this Society is a fantastic investment. Furthermore, one of the Society’s key benefits is its location, providing it with one of the most accessible places in Gujar Khan.

Capital Smart City

The first metropolitan area in Pakistan is called Capital Smart City. Moreover,  deemed the current industry’s top trend. The company behind this development, Habib Rafiq Private Limited, is well-known. Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the contemporary societal chief architect. More than 20 smart towns worldwide have been skilled coordinated by SJ. It was one of the best substantial developments, taking up 55000 Kanals of space.

Capital Smart City, which is on Chakri Road, is slated to have a separate connection with Motorway M-2. It works hard to give its people facilities of the highest calibre. On the site, construction completes at a breakneck pace. Investors from other nations are also participating in this profitable housing plan.

Capital Smart City is now selling residential plots in the following sizes: 5, 7, 10, 12 Marla 1 & 2 Kanal. In addition, various commercial plot sizes, including 4, 6, 8, 10Marla & 1 Kanal, are available.

Mumtaz City

This housing is a comparatively recent housing development.   Not just locals but also foreigners and expats are attracted there. 3000 Kanal total has been set aside for the construction of this project.

It is in the best possible spot at the Islamabad Motorway Interchange. Since many connecting highways surround it, nearly the entire Capital reached from there. This development meets a broad range of needs. Housing properties, flats, commercial space, and farm homes are all included.

Top City

Top City is a fantasy undertaking. However, the top City is becoming more and more in demand. In addition, Dynast Associates, one of the biggest developers, developed this project. It has a 5960 Kanal area in all.

It is within a 3-kilometre drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. Top City provides farm buildings and housing plots in a natural setting. The property of a few blocks will be allowed soon. 

 Taj Residencia

A classy residential development now under construction in Rawalpindi is called Taj Residencia. This enormous scheme is by the Sardar Group of Companies. 

Its entry gate is at I-14/15 Link Road, next to sectors I-14 and I-15. An additional entry gate will be on the highway in the future. Only the phase 1 master plan and the Centaurs Mall-II for its commercial area have been made public. Developmental activities move pretty swiftly. There are also some built-in homes in Society. 

Motorway City

A housing development called Motorway City is close by to the Islamabad Airport. This idea has been in progress for a period. The launching of the new airport opens up a wealth of business prospects. The Qazi Group of Companies is developing this fantastic residential project.

Moreover, It is in the Fateh Jang Tehsil & only 10 km from the new airport. It promotes residential properties measuring 5, 7, 10, 14 marlas &  1 Kanal. Creating a prototype housing development aims to provide magnificent but cutting-edge facilities and plentiful amenities. It has a 5-year monthly payment schedule, and booking requires a minimum down payment of 5%.

Shalimar Town

This scheme is by Shelter & Shelter (Private) Limited. It successfully combines progress and modernism. All of the cutting-edge capabilities are focused on becoming a Civilized Society. 

This scheme is near the Islamabad International Airport, on Islamabad-Peshawar Road.   Furthermore, this massive housing project followed the British urban planning notion.

Faisal Hills

In Taxila, a brand-new home development is called Faisal Hills. Since this region is renowned as a primarily industrial zone, there are many prospects for a profitable company here. Moreover, it offers Taxila residents contemporary conveniences and a high standard of living while bordering the beautiful nature of the Margalla Hills.

Zedeem International supports this endeavour. It is situated next to MPCHS B-17 on Main Grand Trunk road. Updated venture needs are in the designing phase for this enormous housing project. The extensive road network to

RDA has already granted the building consent. RDA is currently processing Faisal Hills’ LOP. The registration begins with a 10% deposit, and the remaining balance can be over 14 quarterly payments.


The investment strategies in the real estate market are expanding, and it’s also an excellent place to put money into investments that will pay off in the years ahead. All around the nation, there are numerous residential and business development projects. In addition, the market also introduces innovative new ideas that will undoubtedly alter the nation’s living level. So invest early to get the finest properties.