Honey blonde is now a mainstream shade. It is unusual and delicate. The UNice honey blonde wig will make you Honey blonde wig will make you cheat and rich. If you still have some cracks on the possibility of painting your head an alternative tone, don’t stress: In any case, you can go for the blonde style with a variety of skillfully placed features, colors, or absolute responsibility phone, wig.

Features are a reference for regular hair shading as they improve your hair by applying shades that are a shade or two lighter than your normal tone.

Features of Honey Blonde Wig:

  • 4/12 ombre shading wig with elastic straps and comb, cap size can be adjusted. Cap size: Medium size 22.5 inches, please check the cap size before applying to avoid too heavy for you.
  • 100% High-quality Remy human hair: 100% human hair. Perfection, delicacy and perfection. Can do colorful hedge shedding with minimal shedding and tangling.
  • Natural hairline with pre-total and matte benches: common hairline with baby hairs. Critically blanched benches do not try to shed.
  • Hair surface: Beautiful plain satiny hair straight hair can be colored and twisted, you can restore as you wish
  • Daily and final physics use: Very sleek plan with great looking and delicate touch. Basic hairstyle wig, easy in shape and perm in a range of shapes

Types Of Lace Part Wigs:

If you are looking for wigs with parts, there is a wide selection of wigs to choose from. The cut-outs have a natural look because the parts are made of lace. Separate space comes in different forms, such as straight, C-part and some names of L-part. The parts come in wigs on both sides or the center part.

UNice Lace Frontal Wig:

The lacefrontal wig is a special type of wig made from human hair or synthetic hair tied by hand to the entire lace base that goes over the scalp. It will look like a natural hairline in front of you. Most of these wig straps will spread from ear to ear. Some require glue or tape adhesive but other smart less technology will become on your head and it is already made so they are ready to wear.

UNice HD Lace Wigs:

Since HD lace wigs are the latest trend in the market. The hd lace wigs are made of HD lace and 100% virgin human hair. HD lace wigs literally means wigs made with HD lace closure or forehead that are unrecognizable and invisible. It will blend in with your skin and make the hairline natural.

Equipped with advanced HD lace fresh type. This type of HD lace is a new material, the thinnest in texture, soft or light and transparent or more invisible than ordinary lace.

Buy the HD lace wigs?

Compared with human hair bundles and lace front wigs, human hair HD lace wigs cost more than them, but the price is good!

HD lace wigs are wigs that have a very sheer lace panel attached to the wig next to the hairline. Hair strands are sewn by hand into lace holes. In many cases one by one! The rest of the wig is made with stronger HD lace material than the cap lace so it is more durable and allows you to pay attention to fit your head.