The social media landscape has seen its share of viral content, from hilarious memes to thought-provoking discussions. In the early days of 2023, the cyber world was stirred by a video featuringTrending 4 Girl Video – known as the Sekawan or Empat girls – which garnered significant attention on various platforms. This article uncovers the content of the video, the speculated identity of the girls, and the response it elicited from netizens worldwide.

Dive into the Trending 4 Girl Video:

“Sekawan” and “Empat,” words synonymous with the number four, became buzzwords when a video featuring four girls surfaced on the internet. The video, characterized by bright artificial lighting and a room backdrop, started trending and was soon available on a myriad of YouTube channels. However, there were also instances of censorship, with multiple YouTube channels choosing to blur out parts of the video.

The video, speculated to be a selfie from a phone’s rear camera, presented one girl seated while the others stood behind her. The video initially appeared on several TikTok pages, which were later taken down. The four girls seemed prepared for the recording, engaging in a coordinated dance sequence while raising their Bardots – a signature move that defined the video.

Dissecting the Viral Girls Video:

Clocking in at 28 seconds, the Gap girls’ video showed the quartet making synchronized movements. The choreographed nature of the video and their unified actions hint at a well-planned performance, suggesting a level of familiarity and understanding among the girls.

Their outfits were also a point of discussion, with two girls donning brown and white Bardots, one wearing a long-sleeve asymmetrical top, and the last in a black t-shirt. The video managed to reach Twitter, although the shared content was censored, and curiously, it was not available on Instagram.

The video refrained from content, with the girls ensuring to cover their upper bodies throughout the performance. The origins of the girls are uncertain, though speculations lean towards Indonesian or Filipino ethnicity based on their appearances.

Impact and Consequences of the Viral Video:

Following the viral trajectory of the video, three of the four girls appeared in a subsequent video published on social media platforms and Reddit in December 2023. This video, known as the “Gap Girl Viral Video” or the “4 Pinay Girl Viral 2023,” became popular due to its similar content and featured the girls in new outfits.

The recurring appearance of the girls in these videos has led to speculations about their involvement in illicit professions. However, these assumptions remain unverified, and the identity and motives of the girls continue to remain shrouded in mystery.


The 2023 4 Girl Viral Video phenomenon, while controversial, reflects the power of social media in shaping narratives and driving public discourse. As viewers, it’s crucial to approach such content with sensitivity, refraining from hasty judgments and assumptions about the individuals involved. The mystery surrounding the Sekawan or Empat girls remains, serving as a reminder of the cryptic and unpredictable nature of viral internet content.