If you are experiencing tiredness due to tensions in your neck or back, you need to get your body checked. There can be prevailing spinal problems that may be hindering your vitality. Thus, you need to know about the root causes which causes spinal problems.

To meet your needs, you can consult a spine doctor, who may recommend non-surgical methods to get rid of these issues. Before consulting a spine doctor, it is suggested to be aware of their qualifications.

You can rest assured regarding this factor if you consult a spine doctor in a Spine Institute of Fort Lauderdale. You will come to know regarding back pain and the need for consulting a spine doctor further below.

Causes Of A Back Pain

Nowadays, the majority of people are experiencing back pain regularly. The major reason is being confined to bed or sitting continuously for hours. Little to no physical exercise aggravates this issue to a greater extent. There can be a sharp pain that you can experience due to your ruptured disc or pain due to spine osteoarthritis. There can be some neurological symptoms that accompany back pain, like tingling and numbness. A few of the common causes of experiencing back pain are

  • Osteoarthritis- Any joint in your body can be affected by osteoarthritis. Due to the ‘wear and tear’ of the cartilage that is located between the joints of your spine, this disease can occur. During the wearing of the cartilage, the throbbing pain keeps developing, which gets worse during movement. Besides ageing, obesity can also cause osteoarthritis in people.
  • Spinal Stenosis- This is one of the common symptoms in the elder population, as it develops due to ageing. The spinal canal is said to be narrowed or constricted when you get older. Due to the tightness of the spinal canal, your nerve roots can become compressed. This leads to weakness or numbness in your body. Injuries caused in your body from accidents can also cause spinal stenosis. There can be inflammation inside the spinal canal due to these injuries.
  • Scoliosis- This is a condition in which your spine can twist and develop curves similar to the letter ‘C’ or letter ‘S’. This can develop during adolescence or childhood. It can also be caused due to genetic conditions. Therefore, in some cases, many family members can have scoliosis. There can be thus trouble in back pain and breathing problems due to a twisted spine.
  • Spondylolysis- It is a form of stress fracture that occurs in one of the vertebrae of your spine. This can occur in both children and adults who play different sports like basketball, football, etc. This can also occur due to ageing and trauma to your spine.
  • Ruptured and bulging disc- In between your adjacent vertebrae, the spinal discs are located. They work as a shock-absorbing cushion that can be deteriorated over time due to weight gain, ageing, sitting in a position for prolonged periods, etc. This can lead to bulging of your spinal discs. Due to protruding disc, it can wear out eventually. This tore out the disc is also called a ruptured disc. A ruptured disc can cause terrible lower back pain.
  • Cancer- This is one of the rare symptoms of experiencing back pain. There can be a tumour in the spine due to cancer, leading to uncontrollable back pain, especially during late night. This pain can spread to your neck and shoulders.


Thus, you can consult a spine doctor in a spine institute of Fort Lauderdale to get the right treatment at an appropriate time. You can rest assured that a qualified spine doctor will give proper consultation to save your body from unnecessary surgeries.