Travis is a name you may have heard of. Are you familiar with the recent news about chimpanzees What happened in 2009? Want to learn more about Travis? You have found the right place. You will find all the answers here. Many people in the United States, and Australia want to know more about the Travis incident.

This post Travis, the Mauling Chimp will provide all information about the Travis incident that occurred in 2009. Please take the time to read this entire post.

Why is this trending news?

We wanted to tell you about Travis first. He was a Mauling Chimp and was well-known for his role as an animal in many serials and films. After causing injury to his friend, he died. After many years, the lady who was injured is also facing many problems. Many people wanted to know the details of that incident. This is why this crime news is so popular.

Travis the Chimp Crime Scene

Charla Nash, a lady was asked by a friend to care for Travis the Chimpanzee. Travis attacked her while she was putting the keys aside. Although Nash was a regular visitor to her friend’s house, she dyed her hair and changed her appearance. Travis attacked her because she didn’t recognize her.

Police were then called in. In an effort to stop Travis’ aggressive behavior, police called Travis. You can see this section below. We have also shared Travis The Chimp Crime Scene.

Charla Nash, what happened?

Nash was immediately taken to the hospital because her condition was not only too severe but also unimaginable. Her face was completely ruined. In the last few years, she has had many surgeries. Her face was severely injured. After the attack, she had to undergo more than a week’s surgery. Because her face wasn’t improving after other surgeries, she had a face transplant.

Doctors have since advised her to cover her face after so many years. It is clear to see how severe it was for Travis, the Mauling Chimp to attack her. Over the years, she faced many problems. After hearing about her story, many people were skeptical of keeping pets at home.


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