Super Pumped has just released the latest series of Uber’s new series. It is now on-air and going viral like lightning. This series has revealed that Travis Kalanick’s character is being played in part by Joseph Gordon Levitt, a well-known actor from the United States.

This new series, starring Joseph Gordon as Uber’s owner, is being filmed after Travis Kalanick Parents Accident. Read the article to learn more.

Who’s Travis Kalanick?

Among all the businessmen worldwide, Travis Kalanick is currently the most prominent. He is an American entrepreneur who has helped millions with his new business idea. This has created a job for those million people without jobs and elevated the driver industry to a new level.

We all knew him after his business idea exploded. He is the cofounder and CEO of Uber Company.

In recent times, Super Pumped has released a story about the Uber cofounder revolution. It takes place after Travis Kalanick Parents Accident. Below are all details.

The super pumped series:

The entire story revolves around the revolution that Travis Kalanick started against ground transport and the subsequent introduction of Uber. The Super Pumped series’ name is “The Battle of Uber”, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt in the lead role as Travis Kalanick.

We can learn more about Silicon Valley’s most ambitious and successful person by digging into the story. Brian Koppelman and David Levien direct it. After Travis Kalanick Parents’ Accident, the series will be released. The series focuses on the roller-coaster journey of Uber’s cofounder. Despite all odds, Uber company rebelled against big tech companies and stood out among the famous tech companies that focuses more on internal battles.

This series also focuses upon how a person, who was considered the worst of technology, went from exiling his company to the good guy and the all-over deal made Travis Kalanick. And how he spread the network around the globe.

All About Travis Kalanick Parents Accident

Travis Kalanick (CEO of Uber) had to go through the most difficult phase of his life before releasing the series. According to reports, Bonnie Kalanick, Travis’ mother, was on a Friday night boat trip when he and his husband were involved in a serious boat accident. His father sustained serious injuries and his mother lost her life.


Due to the boat accident, Travis Kalanick’s parents were both killed in 2017.

We are now closing after providing all the information we could get through our analysis of the battle Uber. This was released after Travis Kalanick Parents accident.