Due to the recent break out of coronavirus pandemic, every person in the world is forced into some or other type of a lockdown. With all the national boundaries sealed and every type of transport stopped, travel has come to a full stop. 

Travel lovers and explorers around the world have the same question- Will we get to travel again? And if so then how? Travel will change after Coronavirus lockdown. The things we always took for granted will never be the same again. In this article let us discuss the future effects of COVID 19 pandemic on travel.

Where to travel after Coronavirus Lockdown

Now the question arises where we can travel after Coronavirus lockdown? It is best to forget international travel this year. Or travel to faraway places. We cannot say for sure when the lockdowns will end and every place; city or country will have a different schedule for the lockdowns, depending on the severity of the pandemic. Travel will open first to the local places around your city. After this, once the state boundaries open up, you will be able to visit the other places within your country. I too will be re-exploring the places around my city Pune.

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Precautions for travellers

Even though the lockdowns end, the threat of coronavirus will not. We have to get used to living with that deadly virus around. And for this, we will need to make a few changes in our lifestyle and habits. All the travel in future whether national or international will be contactless. Care should be taken while eating out at local food stalls. It will be a while before we can safely trust and enjoy the Street foods. Cleanliness and personal hygiene during travel will be the most important things. It’s also important to get tested for Covid before and after you travel. This is especially true if you need to provide proof of a negative test result to get into your destination country or if you live with someone who could have severe complications from Covid. NYC travel rapid PCR testing can give you same-day results so you can travel with peace of mind.

Travel Industry

It is indeed a difficult time for travel companies and agencies. These times will indeed test your patience. But it is best to wait and see how everything plays out. After the pandemic and lockdowns, the people who love to travel will surely come back to you. 

For travel bloggers, this is the time to slow down and enjoy other aspects of life. This crisis also allows you to explore some other areas like lifestyle, food, etc in your blogs. As time changes, we will all be back on the road again.

Nature and Tourist spots

Without any doubt, the Coronavirus has been a boon for nature and tourist spots. With everyone inside their homes, the tourist spots which were crowded 24×7 all around the year are now empty. But this is also like a warning for us humans to take in the future. Sustainable travel is the only way ahead. We must take care that we do not harm the natural resources of the place we are visiting.

Travel Virtually

Virtual travel is the best way to travel right now. You can sit inside the comforts of your homes and visit the amazing destinations all around the world. It takes some clicks online and an internet connection. From courses on Colosseum and Roman architecture to virtual tours offered by the top museums, most of it is free. And even if some fee is charged, it is way lesser than actual expense you would incur if you visited the place in reality. You can also search for your favorite nature walks and places on YouTube. You can further read some amazing travel books or watch Netflix and prime series like- Our Planet, Blue Planet, The Strange rock, etc. And the last best thing is watching sunsets/sunrises from your terrace/balcony every day.

Important points

Right now it is important to relax and slow down at homes. And don’t forget to wash your hand thoroughly several times in a day. Make sure you keep your mind and body healthy. And if you have difficulty in breathing, a sore throat, cold or fever, seek medical help immediately.

All that being said, we will have to be physically and emotionally prepared to travel again. It will be a while until everyone gets out again. And if you are brave enough you can have some pretty discounts from travel companies, hotels, etc.