News was reported recently that claims the website is fraudulent and a scam. There are numerous customer reviews and claims to support this however, it’s not clear whether the website is fraudulent or it is not.

The ratings for recommendations on the site have been decreasing and thousands of United Kingdom citizens who use such websites to transit took the news with immense shock and dismay. Transit UK Scam Transit UK Scam If it is true, it could undermine the legitimacy of the law and the virtual firewalls.

What exactly is Transit-UK.Com? is a site that specializes in logistics. It claims to revolutionize the global logistics industry as part of its purpose. It offers Express Courier services through sea, road and air. The firm claims to be located in London Southend airport and could immediately offer its services in times of emergency.

The company also has an emergency medical service that is open 24/7 to assist clients who are in need of medical emergency. It is fraudulent as well. Transit UK Scam could be real since it states that it has local offices throughout Poland, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Spain, and Finland. It is equipped with vehicles that can move products from any place, in the same day.

Contact Information and customer care Information

Contrary to the majority of fraudsters, has a customer service center that can be reached by dialing +441702302798 or emailing The grievance you have is filed on their website. The address for the region is: the 14th floor of Themesgate Business Centre, Southend-on-Sea Themesgate Business Centre, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6. There is a North office too, with the address is listed on the website.

Transit UK Scam: Reviews and Credibility

The domain name of the website was launched on the 27th of November, 2021. The number of visitors to the site is almost nonexistent. It’s hard to comprehend why an entity that was registered just only a few days ago has invested huge sums of money to provide services across the world. The domain hasn’t been spotted as fraudulent by any blocklist engines. It’s registered on HTTPS and is thought to be genuine.

The design flaws of the website, together with the lack of traffic statistics cause the site to fall out of favor. Customer reviews aren’t accessible. Transit UK Scam could be a possibility in the column that is designated for “team members” there is no picture or name that has been posted on the site of

The domain’s name is not new and the presence of social media isn’t listed in the site. Although there are several accounts operated by Transit-UK using Instagram and Facebook however it’s difficult to identify which one is the official one. There isn’t any information that is reliable about the account’s owners or customer reviews.


Its domain’s name appears to be recent. No reviews from customers have been posted on the site and information on the owners isn’t accessible. So, we concluding the this scam, known as Transit UK is authentic. It claims that they work across the world, but hasn’t provided a single customer testimonial.