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What is training? Know the process and types of training you can use to develop your skills? This is the website that trained people to work for their company.

Trainingattims.com – This is a training website to promote Tim Hortons Coffee brand. You can learn more about the brand and its environment through this website. This website attracts mainly Canada visitors. Let’s now take a look at this website.

Why Training is Required:

Training should be completed for each job to enhance the knowledge and skills of those working for that company. Learning and teaching activities are part of training. They help improve skills and promote a positive attitude. Trainingattims.comis an online platform for training employees associated with Tim Hortons coffee.

What is Tim Horns?

Tim Hortons is a Canada-based fast-food chain that serves coffee, doughnuts, as well as other food items. It will include nearly 5000 restaurants in 15 different countries by 2022. This brand was started by Tim Horton, Jim Charade and Hamilton, Ontario.

It was merged with Burger King in August 2014. While its reputation dropped from the 13th place to the 67th in 2018, it is still well-respected. In June 2022, a probe was made into the app of Tim Hortons.

Trainingattims com:

  • It works with them in order to teach the technology, the environment and the Tim Hortons brand.
  • According to a search of the website, there are 299 unique visitors per day and approximately 2500 monthly page views. page views.
  • This website is valued at 42179 USD. Every visitor views 8.67 times. This website ranks 91942 globally, with a majority of visitors being from Canada. Canada has 8419 visitors.
  • This website was created on 25th March 2020 and will expire on 25th March 2023. You can find contact information and addresses on this site.

Other Reviews Trainingattims.com

Trainingattims is hosted by a US corporation Service Company. Trainingattims takes longer to load so we can shift the server over to Canada. This portal registered for the.com domain. It is the top-level domain.

The website was verified but the SSL certificate is not valid. Some customers have negative reviews.


After extensive research, Trainingattims.com is an internet training website for Tim Hortons’ employees. We can however conclude that Trainingattims has a problem because of its negative reviews as well as an invalid SSL certificate.

This website is associated with trust issues. We don’t recommend trusting Trainingattims.

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