Did you know that there are still scams going on with the Railways in United Kingdom. Did you know why scams are still being perpetrated? Do you know how scammers profit from reimbursements given by Railways to their advantage?

Did you hear about the Railway strike planned for next Wednesday? Did you know that Railway employees also felt scammed? Let’s examine all details regarding the Train Scam.

Railway reimbursement Scams:

Rail travel has been increasing. Due to the large use of Railways and the increase in delays, it has also been increasing. According to 2018-19 data it was determined that 87.8% train arrivals were on-time. If trains are late, passengers will suffer inconveniences and losses. Railways provide compensation to passengers for delays of more than fifteen minutes, except when there are engineering problems.

Gary Thompson, 47, opted for Railway compensation after the Railway Scam. In manipulating evidence, Thompson filed 125 claims to receive the PayPal refund. Train Rail Stikes Scam became the focus of attention with the repaid amount PS39K.

Fraud protection manager saw an increase in PayPal payments and investigated. It led to a ten-month sentence, 150 hours of unpaid labor, a PS2,500 fine, and a six month curfew on Gary Thompson.

Kristin Magnuson, 49, who was also found to have claimed repayment of PS2,136, for non-existent journeys, was another example. Data showed that only 35% claim repayment. It’s due to the lengthy application process for repayment, which requires 24 details.

Train Rail Exploits a Scam

2018 revealed that the average repayment amount had increased to 80% (or PS150 millions per year), and that 30% of claims had been fraudulent. Railways introduced AI into their system, which may verify 20 details on claims to find 80% of Scams. After the introduction of Service Now software, it was found that Railways received 450,000 requests annually, with 80% of them relating to repayments.

Updates on Train Strikes

Railway staff felt like they had been conned by multiple pay freezes. This is because thousands of jobs will be eliminated as a result of Train Strikes Scam. Inflation has increased by 11.1%. RMT voted to go on strike at 21st, 23rd, 25th June due to these factors. Service disruption is also expected at 22nd, 24- and 26th Juni 2022.


Rail Scams were committed by commuters. These aren’t professional fraudsters. Employees feel like they are being scammed because of low wages, inflation, and pay freezes.