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Mutibank present latest comments of 2021:-

Some of the following review on Multibank by trader Unions:

Comment 1:-

MultiBank’s server is not working properly. The open position that was left on Friday vanished in the terminal during the weekend. Along with the current profit, it vanished. All trade history has disappeared. It seems like they wanted to merge with me.

Comment 2:-

The first encounter with multibank wasn’t all that successful. Instead of the promised 10-13% profit I received, only 4%. It was sent to the conclusion immediately, but there were some issues. I am going to look for another broker.

Comment 3:-

Multibank is not for you. (Unless you are interested in checking for yourself)) I have left here 5000 dollars. I trade on my own. I wanted to withdraw my money but was stopped for 90 days. This was due to the many profitable transactions.

Comment 4:-

MultiBank’s customer service is poor. According to broker regulations, the company can cancel trader’s transactions at its own discretion. Multibank makes use of it all the time. All four of my most profitable trades were cancelled. Support suggested that I read carefully the contract. I will close my Multibank account, and then collect my money.

Comment 5:-

Multibank Group is not a company you should invest in. They will attempt to reduce your account’s total balance to zero and will succeed. If you’re new to trading on the financial markets, your funds will be processed here. A friend will give you advice, and he will get money in return. They will remind you that Forex trading is extremely risky and you made all the decisions. Terrible broker, staff changes frequently. It is impossible to reach anyone. I’ve never witnessed such sophisticated deceit!

Comment 6:-

It was a bit of a surprise that it happened. They blocked my account and claimed that I had violated some rules. In other words, they zeroed me out outright.

Comment 7:-

They repeatedly licked my feet. They stopped, but they continued in the opposite direction. However, there were no similar movements on other platforms. You can decide for yourself whether such a desk is worth it.

Comment 8:-

I reached out to the support team regarding the withdrawal of my funds. They made me an enemy, so I said so and so. There are many opportunities on this market. I want to make money from greedy. I decided to get rid of everything.

Comment 9:-

Terrible fraud! Multibank is a ploy for the dumb-witted. They blow in your ears, an absolute come-on to the max. They were my cool grand. Although the site appears to be good, I’d call them my own.

Comment 10:-

In the Multibank clients are cheated by the broker. This isn’t the first time that I have noticed money slowly disappearing from my account. Support is being frozen in places where it isn’t clear. It is a mystery to me. They should be working for the client in theory. They can’t say much if money is being taken somewhere.

Final verdicts:-

In this discussion, Multibank provides a platform where clients submit his review. But in above comments all traders give negative comments so the trade union does not recommend it.