Trade Nation, previously known as Core spreads from 2014-19, is an international forex and CFD broker located in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.

They are regulated under FSCA in South Africa. They are a global brand that strives to provide the best services to its clients, offering leverages, best quality products and an amazing customer experience. Read more to learn about Trade Nation South Africa.

Trade Nation regulation

Every trader needs to be sure that the broker they are using is under the supervision of renowned regulating authorities, in order to safeguard their funds.

Trade Nation, as mentioned above, is regulated under FSCA in South Africa, FCA in the United Kingdom, ASIC in Australia and SCB in the Bahamas. They provide their clients a safe and secure workplace, and is fit for all nationalities except the United States and some others that they have excluded.

Making transactions at Trade Nation

The transactions are open 24/7. There is no minimum deposit amount so you can start with what suits you the best. There are several ways of depositing funds and Trade Nation is constantly updating and adding new ones.

The withdrawal time can vary from place to place.  Trade Nation withdrawals in South Africa can take a little more time to reflect due to wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 50.

Trade Nation demo account and leverages

Leverage options vary from country to country. The minimum leverage they offer is upto 1:20 and highest leverage they offer in countries like South Africa is 1:200. Leverages are not dependent on the amount of funds you have in your account nor do they determine whether you are a successful trader or not.

Demo accounts help you get trained with the specification of Trade Nation. They can be activated immediately and are risk-free, with virtual funds.

Trade Nations trading platforms

It has a web based trading platform. It launches a browser window without needing to download it on the desktop. It is also available on your mobile phones so you can carry on your trading no matter what device you have.

It has its own MT4 platform. It has a free Meta Quotes website that works for MAC users. It is available on almost all devices with their respective app stores.

Trade Nation working environment

They have an excellent working environment. No client is favored above the other, irrespective of their status, country or account value. There is no special treatment.

It maintains an aura of stability that every person approves of. Market manipulation is non-existent. It has a “Negative Balance”protection feature that keeps from any unfairness to happen, something not many brokers offer.


This gives you a good perspective of Trade Nation as one of the most reputed brokers in South Africa. Many traders prefer it due to its several undeniable pros, that helps you upgrade your business and establish a successful trading system.