Using a Phone Tracker to Track a Smartphone on Google Maps 

Did you know that you can locate your child, partner, or worker using a phone tracker? Both iPhone and Android devices have in-built location tracking utilities. And these utilities are active, provided the device user has enabled them and allowed the app access to the location information.

If you want to trace someone’s location, Google Maps is among the apps you can use to find their phone using the GPS location tracking on their cell phone. Alternatively, you can download and install a third-party app that allows you to spy on a target person. This article explains how you can track someone’s smartphone location on Google Maps or using a third-party app even without them noticing you’re doing it.

Track a Phone Location on Google Maps

Most iPhone and Android devices come with Google Maps that allow you to track someone’s phone location on earth. However, this method requires you to use the location sharing feature of the app. That way, you can share your location with family, friends, and co-workers and see their real-time location on Google Maps.

But the caveat is that the phone you want to track has to opt in to location sharing. Consequently, you may not follow a phone location without the owner’s consent or knowledge.

The primary issue with this method is that you require physical access to the phone that you want to track. Also, Google doesn’t allow people to follow others’ phones without their consent. So, the app will send emails and notifications informing them that they are sharing their location.

Therefore, if you want to track somebody on Google Maps without their knowledge, you must use a third-party phone tracking app like SpyBubble, uMobix, and Cocospy. Nevertheless, you can follow these steps to track a phone location on Google Maps.

Activate Google Maps on Your Android or iPhone

Tap the account avatar on the top-right corner of your device screen and tap “Location Sharing” in the pop-up menu.

The app will list everybody in your contact list and share their location at the bottom of the screen. Tap the entry of the person you want to locate, and the map will show their precise location by zooming into their position.

Google Maps allow you to track someone in a computer’s web browser by following the same process. Open Google Maps and navigate to the top-left corner of the web page to click on the horizontal lines using a web browser. Click on the “Location Sharing” button to see the contacts on the Google Map.

Track a Phone Location on Google Maps via WhatsApp  

If Google Maps alone isn’t your ideal phone tracker app, you may consider using it with WhatsApp. Like the other apps that most people use on their smartphones, WhatsApp has an in-built real-time location sharing feature. And this feature enables you to trace a person’s exact location. Perhaps, a parent can use this feature to trace their kids when they want to ensure they are at home or in school.

Here’s how to track a phone location on Google Maps through WhatsApp: 

  • Open the target device’s WhatsApp account and click on your chat with the phone’s owner.
  • At the bottom, click on the attach icon and choose the Location option.
  • Click the Share Live Location button on the next page. Please don’t click on Send Current Location because that will allow you to see the device’s previous location. People can use this option to fake their location as their current place option shows where they were situated when sharing their place. Thus, the choice may not allow you to track the device’s real-time location. Therefore, select the Share Live Location option instead of the Send Current location option.
  • Select the duration to trace the device location and click on the Send icon.
  • Open the target person’s WhatsApp chat with you on your phone and click on View Live Location in your location message sent from their cell phone to yours.
  • Tap the profile icon of the target person on Google Maps.
  • Select the Get Directions icon.
  • To see the target device location on Google Maps, click Maps.

That way, you will view the target device’s current location as the first method. Nevertheless, this method also requires physical access to the target device to activate the Share Live Location option.

Track a Phone Location on Google Maps Secretly

If you’re a parent, you may want to secretly track your son’s or daughter’s phone on Google Maps. Your kid will oppose the idea of permitting you to follow their phone. Consequently, you want to know how to track a phone without them knowing. Luckily, you can track them on Google Maps without downloading and installing a third-party phone tracker app.

Perhaps, the secret here is deleting the link message from the target phone that you send to yours to help you track the device. And deleting this message won’t interfere with the link’s performance.

When using the WhatsApp option, long-press that message and click the Delete icon once it appears. Select the Delete For Me option and not the Delete For Everyone option.

When using Google Maps, follow these steps to track someone secretly:

  • Click on the Settings with the location services enabled.
  • On the target cell phone, activate Google Maps.
  • Tap the right corner on the map where the user’s profile picture is.
  • Click on the Location Sharing icon.
  • Select “Share Location.”
  • Click “Until you turn this off.”
  • Choose your device from the list and click Share.
  • You will receive a message telling you, “XYZ sees your location.”

Note that this option requires access to the target phone and its passcode. But after setting up the location sharing option, you can view the phone’s real-time location on Google Maps.

Here’s how you will view their current location: 

  • Select Google Maps on your phone.
  • Tap your profile picture or the hamburger icon and then click Location Sharing.
  • At the screen’s bottom, select the shared device.
  • Google Maps will show you the current location of the target device.

If you wish to stop tracking the target device location, you will require accessing it physically to remove yours from the list of the phones with which the target is sharing their current location.

Location Tracking with Spy Apps

A spy app is smartphone surveillance or tracking software that enables you to locate a target device. The best phone tracking app lets you track outgoing and incoming phone calls, locations, and text messages. Also, the spy app is undetectable and hidden to the end-user. It also follows the target device’s GPS locations and texts from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Additionally, you can use it to track the target person’s browser activity. Here’s a list of the best spy apps to consider.

uMobix is a spy app for Android and iOS devices. You can use it to track the target phone’s GPS locations, phone calls, SMS messages, social media, massagers, and web history. Using this phone tracking software allows you to access the target device’s real-time location and even record screenshots.


  • Detailed reports for calls, texts, and location
  • Can spy on all messaging and social apps
  • Out-and-in surveillance with timely logs
  • Stealth spying without the target suspecting


  • The basic tier has limited features
  • Complex installation without optimization on iOS
  • Subscription limit to one device
  • Expensive for some people

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile tracker free is a spying or monitoring tool that allows you to spy on your child or partner in real-time. This tool will enable you to track calls, location, app usage, and control. Here are the pros and cons of this spy tool.


  • The app is free
  • You can use the premium version without ads
  • Allows you to spy on messages, call logs, files, and much more
  • Allows you to control the apps the target person uses remotely


  • The free version has limitations and requires frequent logins
  • Less responsive support
  • Some features are less responsive or missing


SpyBubble is a mobile spy app that enables you to track your child or the target person online. It lets you monitor the activities or content the target person engages in via mobile devices. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices but works differently on these operating systems. Here are SpyBubble’s pros and cons.


  • Quick data syncing
  • Relatively affordable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Undetectable
  • Jailbreak/root not compulsory
  • Easy to use
  • Full access to Facebook and Instagram
  • Shows real-time app usage


  • No geo-fencing
  • iOS requires iCloud credential
  • It has some iOS-exclusive features


Cocospy enables you to track the target person’s messages, location, apps, and calls. You can also use it to sneak peat at the saved contacts. Ideally, the cell phone tracker lets you keep an eye on employees and kids. Here are the primary Cocospy pros and cons.


  • Has many features
  • Quick signup process
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Highly reliable and robust spy app
  • Can track non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices
  • Real-time location of visited places


  • It doesn’t provide a free trial
  • Tracking some apps requires root
  • Can record calls
  • I can’t take screenshots

Verdict – Location Tracking Offers Benefits for Everybody

Everybody can benefit from a phone number tracker app. This technology enables you to monitor a mobile device location, thereby knowing your kid, worker, or friend’s real-time place. Also, you can use the application to recover a stolen or lost mobile device. For instance, you can activate the Find My Phone option on Google Pixel to quickly locate your smartphone if lost or misplaced.

Most parents love location tracking software because it lets them keep tabs on their kids. The technology allows parents to view their children’s device information, including location, call history, social media texts, internet searches, and much more.


Can I block Google from tracking my location?

Yes. Open your device settings, tap the location reporting icon, and turn it off. Search the location history and click on the off option.

How can I reveal that someone is faking their location?

You can know that a person is faking their location if they send the Current Location rather than the Live Location. This option means you don’t see the target’s real-time location.

Can I find out the geolocation of a cell phone for free?

Yes. You can use a third-party cell phone tracking app to find out the geolocation of a device for free. Google Play Store has several apps that you can download and install free of charge to start tracking your spouse or kid.