Are you looking for Tracey Doyle’s death certificate? It is sad to learn Tracey Doyle was killed in a car accident on June 20, 2022. She is sadly missed by her loved ones, and she was concerned about her dismissal.

However, her sudden death on Monday 6th of June shocked her loved ones and friends. All her funeral services were over and her Canada family members are worried about the Tracey Obituary. These are the details about her Obituary.

What does Tracey Obituary include?

Tracey’s Obituary was the notice of Tracey’s passing. It was published both in the newspaper and online for her relatives and friends in Canada. A brief biography of Tracey is also included in the Obituary.

Tracey was pronounced dead at Cape Breton Regional Hospital on Monday 6th June 2022. She was born on 17th August 1977 in Reserve Mines to Donna King (NS), and Darrell King (NS). She was suffering from chronic disease, which was the reason for her death.

Important Dates As Per Tracey Doyle Obituary

After the final rites of passage, special events and occasions can be planned. These events are meant to be a tribute to the deceased soul. After Tracey Doyle was pronounced dead, her family set up some events.

According to the obituary of the deceased, the visitation took place on Monday, June 13th. The event was held between 5 and 8 pm at T.J Tracey Cremation & Burial Specialists Glace Bay. According to Tracey Obituary, the family held the “Celebration of Life” in the same place on the 14th of Juni 2022.

The event is open to everyone between 11AM and 11.30AM. You must be present at the venue to participate in the vent in memory of the departed soul.

What were her friends’ reactions to her abandonment?

Many of her family and friends went online to pay their respects and mourn the loss. To find out what her relatives and friends had to say about the departed soul, you may look at the tribute wall on Tracey Obituary.

Most of her family and friends shared their condolences for her parents’ passing. Some of her close friends also offered their condolences to the deceased soul and felt sorry for her departure.


Tracey Doyle lived in Glace Bay and died 6 June 2022. To find out about the family’s events and celebrations, you can view the Tracey D Doyle Obituary online. Check out the events planned for the departed soul.