Do you desire to own a property in Turkey This country now allows you to purchase a house. can help people facing problems with purchasing a home. To apply, fill out the application form and get your house. TR toki com offers all the information needed to find out about this government project. Please visit this website for more information.

What does mean?

This online government site allows people to submit their application for housing lands. The website is operated by the government, and applicants are assured of receiving 50,000 Istanbul-area housing lands. This is wonderful news. To learn more about the services the government provides to its citizens through this website, you can visit this site.

Is real?

It is necessary to have complete information about the site in order for one to be able to verify its legitimacy. The domain’s authenticity has been confirmed by us.

  • Trust Score: It’s a government website with a high trust score of 99%. Because it is managed by government officials, we can trust it.
  • Register: Information about the registrar is not available.
  • Registration Day: has yet to be created.
  • Expiry Date : It is unknown.

The online sources may not have all the details you need, but they are trustworthy.

What can offer the public to help them?

The housing land is available for purchase between 14 September 2022, and 31 Oct 2022. The project’s goal is to provide housing to all citizens at affordable prices. The government intends to provide 1,000,000 and 170,000. This project will allow land to be used for social purposes. 1,395 schools are planned. In addition, there will be 20 universities and 43 libraries. There will also been the construction of 997 gymnasiums. 269 hospitals, 99 clinics for health, 922 mosques, 20 stadiums. This is one among the most important projects in history. Anyone can apply for this facility.

Specifications to this project

The website discloses that residents can own a property in the city. In this project there will be 3+1 or 2+1 residences. This project will be available in 81 cities throughout Turkey. Treasury lands will see the construction of 1,00,000. Infrastructural lands, 250,000 social housing land and 10,000 industrial site. In seven regions, infrastructure housing plots will be located. Istanbul will have 50,000 of the social housing lands.


We’ve ended this post with some information about this project, and how it works. Register on the website to take advantage of this opportunity if your place is listed.