I heard somewhere that the employees never leave their company, they quit the toxic culture that is being practiced in the organization frequently. Well, this is absolutely okay to leave a place that could give you nothing but just mental pressure and severe stress.

Having a demanding boss and the co-workers at the workplace can make your work and professional life go worst.

Also, a toxic work culture travels home with you and you cannot even realize it. The environment in which you work, if that is starts affecting your work ethics, personal relationships, and the morale, then it is definitely a negative and a toxic one.

Here is a keynote to all the recruiting managers and managing directors, a toxic culture of your company can force your best employees to quit and you would definitely get a replacement everytime!


A lot of people think that the company’s culture is being positive with the help of emails and rewards however, this is not that way! The change of the management culture is possible through the relationships and conversation in different times.

The salary could be amazing and the perks of the employee benefit could be great, but if the environment is toxic; an excellent employee would not stay for a long time.

If your boss is acting like a dictator and is shutting down, embarrassing, or firing anyone, you have got serious toxic workplace problems. Because no one dares to challenge the status of the boss.

To be honest, the environment results from the failure of the leadership starting from the top of the organization. Also, the toxic cultures cannot be fixed with only your vision and mission statements.

Having somebody right sat your head for every 24/7 would definitely make you feel pressurized even without the speaking. This unseen pressure is that single component under which the best employees would never like to stay and will leave as soon as they will find a new one.


Hear me out, the toxic culture are always caused by the bad bosses. The toxic management culture can never change because the management never remove the toxic people from their leadership status.

Unprofessionalism, favoritism, office politics, bullying, gossiping, and unethical behavior are some of the signs of toxic culture.

A great quote says that there is nothing to be a rocket science behind the great company culture. This is just the treatment of staff in the same way in which the CEO would like himself to be treated.

The toxic environment and culture of the workplace is always lethal and hazardous to the growth, innovation, productivity, and creativity of the company.


I personally feel, the profession and work is something for which the employee himself is accountable. Bounding him with the restrictions and being right on head every minute can make him lose the interest in the company.

The employees never leave the company on their own if they are being paid right as per their work. But apart from the perks and benefits, the toxic management culture is dominating factor because of which the employees leave their job.

Your star bench will soon get empty if there are following plays running in the background. Below I have broken down some reason due to which the employees leave their secure and well-paying jobs.

Promotion of the favorites:

People aren’t blind, your excellent employee is watching you promoting the people who are being your favorite. This will push him to the extent that he will only find leaving the company a great option!

Taking risks and one goes wrong!

Taking the risk for the company is all okay until you are getting the profit. One wrong move and BAM, your empire falls down. If you are being aggressive after your own decisions then your employees will leave you for sure!

Speak up only not out!

Asking the employees for the feedback but once he wrote you a negative one, you may start being harsher on him. This can lead your employee to leave the company on the very first note. Only speaking up but not speaking out! Reviews are best to find out the each and everything about the company even for products or dissertation writing services because you get different ideas and experience share by the different individuals.

You are not being seen, you aren’t working:

The bosses who don’t believe that either you are working on time and try to act like a surveillance camera, the employees never stay with them. If you won’t leave them to complete their task, they will leave you in the midst of season.

Go ahead by stepping on others:

Some workplaces practice moving ahead by stepping others and this is one of the most unethical behavior in some companies. A leader must make sure that everyone is lifting each other up and the environment is healthy.

Learning and growth is your own choice:       

Leaving the employee to learn and grow on his own will make you stand alone in the business. Your employees needs your attention and if you will not help them grow then you have no rightto be the boss.

Ineptitude is being unaddressed:

The people who are unskilled or are lazy enough in the workplace must be addressed and if they aren’t being addressed, your top employees will leave the space for the lazy ones to stay in your company.

Lack of positive feedback:

The lack of positive feedback and unavailability of appreciation fuel the thoughts of leaving the company in the mind of the best employees!

I trust, but I need to verify:

One of the worst things that a boss can do is saying, I trust, but I need to verify. If you don’t trust your employees or trust them to the scale where you need verification, you failed in making healthy company culture.

Toxic mismatch between company culture and values:

Sometimes the fear of staying is more than the fear of leaving. If your company culture and values are being mismatched together then you will lose your best and skilled employee forever!


These reasons are few of those reasons due to which the employees quit their job. The toxic culture of the company forces the employee to waste his energy in defending his work. This pushes the employee to the extent that he finds quitting the job the only solution! Make sure that you are creating happy, healthy, and positive company culture for your employees so they could work with mental peace and harmony!


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