ToxiBurn is a liver detox supplement that acts as a fat burning and slimming diet pill to address the root cause of unexplained abdominal fat using 23 natural ingredients to cleanse the body effectively.

ToxiBurn is a diet pill that claims to accelerate fat burning.

Priced at $ 60 per bottle, ToxiBurn claims to boost your energy, shed excess body fat, and help anyone reach their weight loss goals, among other benefits.

Obviously, many diet pills advertise similar benefits. Does ToxiBurn really work? Or is it another overpriced and overrated diet pill? Find out everything you need to know about ToxiBurn today in our review.


What is ToxiBurn?

ToxiBurn is a nutritional supplement available exclusively through

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, the company behind ToxiBurn has launched a spectacular video and sales page. The video features the story of a woman named Martha, a physician named Dr. Kim, and a miracle weight loss formula that saved her life.

You can buy ToxiBurn today for $ 59 per bottle. Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

By taking two capsules of ToxiBurn every day, you can supposedly boost energy, trim fat, and lose weight without any side effects.

In fact, the makers of ToxiBurn state that “tens of thousands of people” have taken ToxiBurn and successfully lost weight and “not experienced a single negative side effect.”

Let’s take a closer look at how ToxiBurn works and the history behind ToxiBurn to see how it compares to other diet pills available today.

How does ToxiBurn work?

ToxiBurn works in a similar way to other diet pills. You take two capsules of ToxiBurn per day and the herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals in the formula kick start your body’s weight loss processes. Most diet pills work identically.

Some of the specific benefits announced:

• Uses 23 special nutrients in scientifically proven amounts to achieve weight loss.

• Lose a significant amount of weight with a limited diet or required exercise

• Eliminate toxins in your liver and body.

• Improves the metabolic process of the liver, accelerating the burning of fat.

• Works for men and women of all ages

• “It is clinically proven to have no side effects”

The ToxiBurn sales page is full of people who have lost weight with minimal diet and exercise. We are skeptical that the weight loss stories are true.

One woman, for example, claims to weigh 5’1 “and 150 pounds. She started taking ToxiBurn 3 weeks ago and lost 22 pounds” with very little exercise. “This type of weight loss is unprecedented – even if you stop eating For 3 weeks, you are unlikely to lose 15% of your body weight in less than a month.

Other women claim to have lost 30 to 60 pounds after taking the supplement.

One man claims that he used ToxiBurn to recover from an athletic injury. That man used to exercise on a daily basis, but he was unable to do so due to his injury. He bought ToxiBurn and, after 2.5 months of taking the formula, he dropped from 223 pounds to 179 pounds, losing 44 pounds (20% of his body weight) in less than 3 months without dieting or exercising.

Ultimately, you should be skeptical any time a diet pill claims to lead to significant weight loss without the need for diet or exercise. The only way to lose weight is by maintaining a caloric deficit, and the best way to maintain a caloric deficit is through diet and exercise. There is no way around this, although good diet pills can help by suppressing your appetite, increasing your metabolism, and encouraging your body to burn more calories at rest.

We are skeptical that ToxiBurn works as advertised. However, let’s take a closer look at the history behind ToxiBurn to see what kind of professional medical background or weight loss expertise the creators have. The story behind ToxiBurn

In the video, we learn about a woman named Martha who has gained a lot of weight over the years. Martha’s husband, Tyler Miller, was worried about her, so he created a weight loss aid for Martha.

Martha used her husband’s weight loss help to lose 65 pounds, restore her youthful energy, and regain her sex drive, among other benefits.

Today, Martha’s husband sells that same formula online as ToxiBurn.

Who is Tyler Miller? Why is he qualified to formulate a diet pill? Tyler specifically mentions that he is neither a doctor nor a scientist. Instead, he’s a 44-year-old Formula One racing designer living in Los Feliz, a Los Angeles neighborhood. He and his wife Martha have three children.

Tyler watched his wife gain a lot of weight over the years. Eventually, Martha’s weight led to health problems. Martha had a heart attack while exercising and ended up in the hospital. Doctors told Martha that she would lose weight or die.

Tyler promised that he would help his wife lose weight.

To help with weight loss, Tyler met with a person named Dr. Kim, a weight loss specialist who works regularly with celebrities and professional athletes.

Dr. Kim recommended using a specific combination of 23 nutrients to enhance weight loss. According to Dr. Kim, this special formula could lead to easy weight loss without the need for hard work, diet, or exercise.

To make a long story short, Tyler gave Dr. Kim’s formula to Martha and Martha lost a significant amount of weight. Now, Tyler is selling that formula to the world in the form of ToxiBurn.

ToxiBurn ingredients

In general, it is impossible to lose a significant amount of weight without diet and exercise. However, the ToxiBurn sales page is filled with stories of people losing 20 to 60 pounds in a short period of time without the need for hard work.

So what is the secret of ToxiBurn? What ingredients are in the formula?

ToxiBurn contains 23 vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts associated with various weight loss benefits.

Unfortunately, the makers of ToxiBurn do not disclose the full ingredient list in advance before purchasing. The company does not share an ingredient label, nor does it list dosages, formulas, daily values, or other information that you may want to know before purchasing a diet pill.

These are some of the ingredients in ToxiBurn and how they work:

Jujube Seed: ToxiBurn contains Jujube Seed to support a healthy liver, immune system, and brain function.

Silymarin: Silymarin supposedly has “purifying properties” and makes the liver “immune to toxic buildup,” according to the official ToxiBurn website.

Artichoke Extract: The artichoke extract in ToxiBurn supports liver health by promoting bile production. It is rich in antioxidants that also support overall health and wellness.

Chicory Root: ToxiBurn contains chicory root to help with liver toxicity. Chicory is rich in antioxidants that supposedly eliminate toxicity in the liver.

Yarrow: Yarrow has bitter properties that invigorate the liver and help the liver release bile. Turmeric: Turmeric acts as a “toxic scrubbing agent in the body” due to its rich antioxidant content, according to the makers of ToxiBurn.

Choline: Choline is an essential nutrient that metabolizes fat and supports a healthy liver.

Berberine: The creators of ToxiBurn describe berberine as an herb that “has been shown to stimulate metabolism.”

Some of these ingredients have been shown to work individually. However, the makers of ToxiBurn state that these ingredients would have a “limited effect” when taken individually. By using their specific formula and dosages, all of these ingredients are supposed to work at maximum effectiveness.

Scientific evidence of ToxiBurn

We would all love to lose weight without diet or exercise. But does ToxiBurn really work?

The creators of Toxi Burn claim that thousands of people have used the diet pill to lose significant amounts of weight, with some people losing 10% to 20% of their body weight within a few weeks of taking the diet pill.

In reality, there is no evidence that anyone has successfully used ToxiBurn to lose weight without diet or exercise.

In fact, the ingredients in ToxiBurn make it look more like a liver health supplement than a real diet pill.

Despite the lack of evidence, Toxi Burn claims to have launched a study that involved more than 100 participants, with each participant losing a minimum of 48 pounds, with many losing more weight. There is no link to this study available online and it does not appear to exist.

Diet pills generally contain ingredients that stimulate metabolism, suppress appetite, enhance recovery, or increase energy. Instead, ToxiBurn specifically focuses on detoxifying the liver, using antioxidant-rich ingredients like turmeric and yarrow to support liver health in a number of ways.

As this 2019 book explained, turmeric has been shown to support anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidant effects, and liver health, among other benefits. Turmeric is a popular herb derived from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant. Active ingredients in the plant such as curcumin are linked to several benefits. Some people take turmeric on a daily basis for their overall health and well-being. Turmeric supplements typically use a 750mg to 1,500mg dose of turmeric to significantly support liver health.

Researchers are increasingly studying yarrow for its ability to reduce skin and liver inflammation, treat skin infections, and resolve nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, among other benefits. This study showed that yarrow could help with inflammation in the liver, supporting liver health as advertised by ToxiBurn. That all sounds good, although most studies of yarrow use a higher dose than what we see in ToxiBurn.

The makers of Toxi Burn claim that chicory can “eliminate” toxicity in the liver. As explained by WebMD, chicory has a laxative effect, increases bile in the gallbladder and decreases swelling. It is also traditionally used to support liver and heart health.

Without knowing the dosages or the complete ingredient list of Toxi Burn, it is impossible to compare its benefits with scientific studies or other supplements. We know that turmeric works to support liver health and weight loss at 1500mg doses, for example, but it seems unlikely that ToxiBurn has high doses of turmeric or any other ingredient on the list. Overall, Toxi Burn is more of a liver support supplement than a diet pill. The ingredients in ToxiBurn should support liver health when used in the proper dosages. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Toxi Burn contains high doses of any active ingredient.

ToxiBurn pricing

ToxiBurn is priced at $ 59 per bottle, although the price drops if you order multiple bottles at once:

• 1 bottle: $ 59 + $ 9.95 shipping

• 3 Bottles: $ 147 + $ 9.95 Shipping

• 6 bottles: $ 234 + $ 9.95 shipping


Make sure you avoid all Toxi Burn scams online by ordering only at

Each bottle contains 60 capsules (30 servings), or a one-month supply of diet pills. As mentioned above, the company claims that you could lose 20 to 30 pounds of weight per month while taking Toxi Burn, without diet or exercise.

At $ 60, ToxiBurn is relatively expensive compared to other diet pills, especially given the weak ingredients and dosages.

However, the makers of ToxiBurn claim to lose money on every order. They claim that it costs $ 297 to produce each bottle of Toxi Burn.

Out of the goodness of their hearts, the creators of ToxiBurn are personally losing money just to help you lose weight.

Obviously, nobody gives away anything for free online. When someone says they are losing money selling you a diet pill, it means they are being scammed.

ToxiBurn refund policy

ToxiBurn comes with a 60-day refund policy. You can request a full refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

To qualify for a refund, contact the company and return the bottles within 60 days of your initial purchase.

You will not receive a refund of your initial shipping costs ($ 9.95 per purchase).

Who is behind ToxiBurn?

The manufacturers of ToxiBurn do not provide information about themselves, their manufacturing location, or their ingredient sources. As far as we know, the story of 44-year-old racetrack designer Tyler Miller who created the formula is not real.

The company claims to manufacture Toxi Burn in an FDA registered GMP certified facility in the United States.

Apart from an email address, the company does not provide any contact information, a physical address, or any other way to verify the information posted on the official Toxi Burn website.

You can contact the manufacturers of Toxi Burn through the following:

Email: [email protected]

Final word

ToxiBurn is a diet pill that claims to lead to significant weight loss with limited diet or exercise. According to customer testimonials on the official website, you can expect to lose 20 to 60 pounds of weight within the first 1 to 3 months of taking Toxi Burn.

Actually, ToxiBurn is more of a liver health supplement than a diet pill. It contains ingredients that support liver health in a number of ways. The supplement uses good liver-supporting ingredients, although the dosages seem too weak to significantly affect your health.

However, ToxiBurn comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the diet pill for yourself and see if you really lose weight without diet or exercise.

To learn more about Toxi Burn and how it works, visit online today at