To learn how the scammers planned it, you can read exclusive facts about Doordash verification code scam.

Did you know that Doordash fraud targets Doordash delivery driver in the United States area? It is important to note that both customers and delivery drivers receive the Doordash verification codes each time they log into.

Except for clearing the cache or until the user logs off, customer accounts only require a one-time login. The Doordash Verification code Scam was used to hack the delivery driver’s mobile app. Let’s find out how it worked.

The Doordash Code Scam:

The login process for delivery drivers is different from that of customers. To log in, delivery drivers will need to enter their email addresses. They are automatically logged out after each session. The code scam news is true.

Important information, such as bank account details for crediting wages, is found in the account of the delivery driver. To scam the driver, the scammers used the account to access the account and update the bank details of the scammer to obtain the wages.

Darrel, one the Doordash delivery driver, was robbed of $939.45. In 2021, several Doordash delivery drivers received calls from scammers. The scammer placed an order for food delivery.

DoorDash provides the phone number of the driver for every order. This is to ensure that the driver can be reached in the event of any questions or delays.

Darrel was called by the scammer and he pretended to be a Doordash customer representative. Darrel was informed by the scammer that they were updating Doordash’s app interface with security features such as a firewall. He also requested Darrel’s password and user ID. Darrel gave his credentials to the caller, believing him. This information is taken from the internet; we do not claim to be its authority.

Doordash Verification Code Scam:

This loophole was exploited by the scammers. The fraudster had logged into Darrel’s delivery driver’s account and updated the scammer’s bank details. This is how the scam was planned.

Darrel discovered that he had not received his wages. Doordash customer support verified Darrel’s bank account details and informed him that the account was not his. Doordash couldn’t reverse the credit of $939.45 already credited to scammer’s bank account.

The scammers have the ability to make any account changes once the delivery driver has provided their password and user ID. Doordash began publishing an app notice to warn drivers that they will not be asked for their account passwords in order to combat the Doordash verification code scam. Doordash also promoted a 2-step verification code to receive secured payments.


It turns out that the Doordash Fraud is true. Several customers reported also receiving verification codes. The customer login process is however different. Customers were therefore safe from fraudsters using verification codes. But, this customer’s information may have been compromised by someone trying to access their account.

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