Have you been greeted by Roblox for their tower heroes? Are you curious to know more about the characters? Have you been to Roblox to find out more about your favorite Roblox character? This article will present you with the latest Roblox heroes. Roblox.

If you’ve visited this site to obtain these codes, then this post can assist you in this case. Every citizen in all over the United Statesare getting excited about these newly created tower heroes of Roblox.

This article will start by introducing this set of Tower Heroes April Fools.

Codes List for Tower Heroes

For a complete code for April Please refer to the table below.

  • Team-Up – to earn back the team-up sticker.
  • The ENCORE- To gain back the characters, as well as stickers.
  • The SPOOKTACULAR: To get back the bat-boy’s-skin and the sticker of smiling.
  • The ENEMPETS – To get back the label of Spider.
  • The PVP UPDATE – To restore the modifier.
  • The ODDPORTto get back the skin that was free and stickers.
  • The THSTICKERSIf the user would like to return the sticker they received for free you can do it by using this code.
  • The HEROESXBOXto get back the free skin from this version. X version.

Tower Heroes Wiki

  • This April Fools Update is only available for a limited time and will be finished on April 10, 2022.
  • The most recent upgrade has offered an area map that will aid players in their survival.
  • There are numerous rewards and the reward offered most often is skin-related rewards.
  • The players will encounter several new kinds of enemies in this version upgraded.
  • The most thrilling aspect of this Upgrade is that it allows players to enjoy the game with the original version forever, but the requirement for this upgrade is to complete the map.

Information on the updated version

In this version, players can learn more about of the Tower Heroes Codes of the game, each event, as well as a new map, and a lot more options are available to explore. It’s a game of defense of towers that is available through Roblox and is created by the pixel studio bit.

Each tower is unique and has distinct capabilities. For instance, many towers have the ability to burn and detection. There are events like 2019 Easter and Robot-64, 2020 and the Halloween event, the Metaverse of 2020’s Christmas Champions, etc.

Scroll down to find out more about the most sought-after codes for tower heroes.

Who are the Rarest Tower Heroes April Fools?

The most sought-after is Hayes and is available at the end of the halloween section. It is an extremely unique hero of the tower. The design of the tower is that of an animal that strikes enemies by spawning Crows.

The role of birds is to hunt for the enemies on their gaming area. The intensity of the attack is contingent on the lifespan of the bird. Crows are able to attack foes until their last breath.


After analyzing the topic of today we’ve discovered that this upgrade, that took place on Tower Heroes April Fools ,is amazing. Players can retrieve the codes fast and simply when they press the button for codes. To redeem the reward, press the button to redeem the code.