Are you a lover of role playing games like Old School RuneScape? Are you searching for new armours to play OSRS? Do you want to learn more what’s happening with the Torva platebody? If yes, then you must read this post.

OSRS fans from all over the world, particularly those in those in the United States and the United Kingdom, are seeking more details about the Torva platebody that is found in the Torva Armour. In this post we will discuss Torva Platebody Osrs. Torva Platebody Osrs.

What is Torva Armour?

Torva armour is one type of armor that requires strength and defense levels of at least 80 to obtain. It replaces Virtus the robes that were given as an incentive to be awarded as one of Nex’s prizes. However members of the Old School Team has shown an interest in bringing back the robes as a benefit for a different kind of material in the longer time.

The armor parts drop as broken objects which must be repaired using Bandosian to increase their availability. This is done by slamming Bandos chest plates and Tassets under the Ancient Prison of the God Wars Dungeon. Once degraded, the armor is able to last up to fifteen hours.

What is Torva Platebody Osrs ?

It is the Torva platebody is part of the famed Torva armor set found in ORSR. The item requires 80 Defense to obtain. The platebody provides the greatest power boost of all slot body products, two greater than that of the Inquisitor’s hammer, Bandos chestplate, and Fighter Torso combined. Torva armour is an Zarosian alignment device that offers Zarosian protection in the God Wars Dungeon.

A damaged Torva platebody that was an influx from Nex is merged together with the two Bandosian components to create the platebody. This process requires Smithing at level 90 and it’s not reversible. Also, 2250 XP point are required to be able to perform Smithing.

Torva Platebody Torva Platebody Osrs came into play on the 16th of December 2021 however it was not available to players. On January 5, the platebody was added to the game multiplayer OSRS.

Bonus Stats of the Torva Platebody

OSRS Attack Bonuses

  • Stab Weapon: 0
  • Slash: 0
  • Crush : 0
  • Magic: -31
  • Ranged: -11

OSRS Defence Bonuses

  • Stab Weapon: +156
  • Slash: +140
  • Crush : +120
  • Magic: +10
  • Ranged: +160

Other OSRS Bonuses

  • Strength: +4
  • Ranged Strength: 0
  • Magic Ranged: 0%
  • Prayer: +1

Cost of the Torva Platebody

Its total price for Torva Platebody is 442 623 OSRS coins. The material cost for creating it is includes 210, 000 coins to repair one Torva Platebody Osrs as well as 200, 000 on 2 Bandosian components.

What are the Other Parts of the Torva Armour?

The two other components that make up the Torva Armour include Torva’s full helm and the plateleg. Torva full helm as well as the Torva plateleg.

The Torva complete helm is the most power-packed benefit of all helmets. A cracked Torva full helm comes with a Bandosian component to make the helmet.

The Torva platelegs give the greatest increase in the power of the leg slot objects. They are shattered. Torva platelegs can be paired with two Bandosian components to create the platelegs.


The robust Platebody that is available in OSRS Torva Platebody is now accessible to players. Wait until the following Nex drop to increase your chances of being able to get it.