Air conditioning should be treated in the same way that you treat your heating system. After all, in many ways it does the same thing, giving you a comfortable environment at home. That’s why it is so popular.

Of course, it’s not possible to avoid HVAC issues no matter how careful you are with your system. When those occur, you can fix the problem yourself or seek the services of the best HVAC company


This is the single most important thing you should do for your AC unit every year. It’s advisable to get a professional industrial air conditioning firm to service the AC every year. They will clean the machine to make sure it works properly, reducing the risk of breakdowns. 

The professionals will also be able to spot any impending issues, allowing you to repair them at your leisure instead of being hit with a large repair bill.

However, just having your machine serviced regularly is not enough to minimize your repair bills. You also need to do several maintenance tasks yourself. 

The most important of these is to regularly check your filters. You should know where they are and be able to pull them out, clean them, and even replace them if necessary. This will help your AC unit to work more efficiently and reduce the strain on the machine, helping to reduce the likelihood of repairs.

Know Your Power

If you have an AC unit then it should be connected to a dedicated circuit. This minimizes the risk of issues. The circuit should be protected by a circuit breaker that will prevent power surges and other issues. 

Check your AC unit has been installed correctly to reduce the risk of repairs being needed.

Pet Grooming

Pets malt at the beginning of the summer as they lose fur to help keep themselves cool. Unfortunately, this means there is an excess of fur and pet dander. This can enter your AC unit and will quickly clog the filter, placing strain on your unit.

By grooming your pets regularly you’ll reduce the impact on your AC unit.

Thermostat Operation

You probably know that turning the AC thermostat up a couple of degrees can make a big difference to your repair bill. However, did you know that your thermostat will almost certainly have a selection of settings?

Many people leave theirs on ‘run’ which keeps the cooling fan going and helps to ensure even distribution of air. However, if the AC unit isn’t on you are better off turning this to auto, meaning it will only come on and go off with the AC cooling cycle.

This will dramatically reduce the amount of wear on the fan and associated AC components!

Don’t forget, to minimize the strain your AC unit is under make sure it doesn’t have any air leaks and that the space it is cooling is sealed. This reduces the amount of work it needs to do.

Author Bio: Written by Mari, a content writer at Memorial Stationery who has written on stationery kinds of stuff. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, sketching, cooking, and video games.